Thursday, 21 March 2013

Hey! What's that Badger doing?

With the blog getting quieter at the moment, I thought I would update everybody on what I am working on.

The first 12 Pulp City models are prepared, built and undercoated. A nice range of models for me to try and learn how to paint without using only washes and drybrushing like I have been up to now. (Even though that is only about 40 models total)

A couple of days ago I received some goodies from the Games + Gears Kickstarter. 5 double ended Kolinsy sable brushes. I think there are still 2 more to come as well. These should help a lot with the PC painting. (Early birthday prezzie from the Galley Wench)
A few people have asked 'What is the point of double ended brushes?'. To be honest, I don't know. I just thought that £15 for 7 (effectively 14) decent brushes was a really good price.

This lot will also help with the painting.
When the new GW paint range came out I picked up the full box set. I have since added the Edging Paints to it for a massive range of colours. I also picked up the 'How to Paint Citadel Minis' book and DVD that came out at the same time as it contained several step by step articles using the paints I had.
But what are all of those pages in front?
They are the step by step painting guides from every White Dwarf since the paints came out! Cut out and slotted into the painting book to create an extensive reference library for somebody wanting to learn how to paint from scratch.

 Robert in the Mini Addicts Anonymous Facebook group spotted my undercoated pic and suggested I try Zenith undercoating. This is a technique where you spray black all over and white from above to give instant shades and highlights when painting. His Dr.Tenebrous above shows the mini after undercoating this way.
I loved the idea of this so now have some white spray coming and will be holding off painting for a couple of days until it arrives.
My progress (or complete failures) will appear on here soon.

I remember seeing Zenith undercoating somewhere before. It was in a selection of Antimatter Games tutorials for Deep Wars minis that I have collected together in an earlier post. The Cavern Crawler above shows a much heavier white coat which will give a brighter model and even let you paint with just washes!
(Check out the link, awesome work)

Talking of Deep Wars, I spotted a post from  Lord Inar on the Antimatter Games Forum.
He is painting up some Ancients of Atalan and instead of the usual black bases he has used transparent blue ones from Malifaux to give them a more aquatic look.
Seemed like a great idea to me.

I couldn't see the bases that well in Lord Inars picture so decided to grab a pack from  The Troll Trader from about £3.50 and see what they were like close up.

Here you can see 2 Deep Wars models on the different bases. I like the black but I think I prefer the blue ones. Might need to try them out on the planned sea floor board after some painting to get the full effect before I pick up any more and decide I don't like them.
Or I could paint the black edges in a sand colour. That might work.

Which do you like better?

I had a box arrive this week as well from my friend Chris at the Disptches from the Rim Blog.
4 Heroclix models. Venom, Wonderman and 2 Agents.
Thanks soooooo much!
A random selection you might think? No, they are models I have been after for a reason..........

To make these 2!!!! The TICK and Arthur!

The Heroclix minis aren't the only random plastic model I have gained recently though.
The Doctor Who Adventures children's magazine has small figures free on the front every now and then. This week it was 12 Daleks for around £3 total.
They will need a bit of work to clean up and prepare, but they are going to make brilliant robot Minis in the new Pulp City Rules.

To give you an idea of the size and detail, here are 2 Daleks next to a standard 28-30mm model.
I think the 40mm base on the red one will work better and make them much more imposing.

After all of that, I still have this pile to build!

What have you been up to recently?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Have fun with the painting!

    "Zenith undercoating" - so that's the term for what I was doing on some of my 28mm dark ages figures. I knew there must be a term for it.

    1. I don't know if that is the official term but its the one I have seen used on some sites.

  2. The Zenith technique seems interesting may have to have a bash, Like the idea of the blue transclucent base's they will look great. Look forward to seeing your PC mini's painted.

    1. It looks like a simple technique that could bring great results.
      The bases seem to be a good idea to several people I have mentioned them to.

      PC painting will start as soon as I have some white spray.

  3. Aww, thanks for the shout-out, Ian!

    1. You deserve more than a shout out for sending me the parts needed to create the worlds most awesome crime fighting duo!

  4. the double end brushes are supposed to help with feathering paint as you've always got a "clean" end. I tend to just wash the brush... That having been said, it'll be interesting to see if they work!

    1. I will give that a try when I have a bit more experience. Thanks.
      But for now it just means the brushes can't be killed as fast

  5. ...and you said you were cutting back Mr. Badger! lol

    1. I have seriously cut back.
      Down to just 3 games at the moment.

  6. Hi, I just saw this! It's pretty cool to see something I did referenced by somebody else (the blue base idea for Deep Wars). Did you use them or did you stick with the black?


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