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Pulp City Review - Ulthar Aquarius + Scorpio

Pulp City. A place where super powered Heroes and Villains battle each other only a daily basis with their amazing gifts and talents.
But it isn't only 'Supremes' that dwell in the city. There are vampires, gods, werewolves, talking apes, zombies, robots, ninjas, beings from other dimensions and even invading aliens!

The aliens are the group I will be looking at for the next couple of posts.
The Ulthar are a war-like race that enslave lesser beings (and even their own females) to serve them. They also have a very strong link to the residents of Atlantis.
The Ulthar invasion force has decided that all of the 'Supreme' beings on Earth make it a very worthy target and a challenge that they will not fail.

The leader of of this force and his hand picked bodyguard/assassin are -

Ra'Leigh the Aquarius Warlord and Stinger the Scorpio Fencer

The packaging for Aquarius and Scorpio is the usual Pulp City standard. Bright and attractive while still letting you know everything you need to.
The front has the artwork for the Supremes included and the back shows painted examples of the models and has the recruitment details. There is even a fluff teaser. The fluff stories are being added weekly to the Heroes and Villains section of the Pulp City website. Aquarius is up but Scorpio hasn't been posted yet.

The box contains 2 multi part metal models, 2 30mm round lipped bases and Supreme rules cards.
The rules cards are changing soon due to the Supreme Edition rules update and you can find the new rules >HERE<

Ra'Leigh, Aquarius Warlord is a Level 3 Leader Ulthar Villain. The head of the invasion force, he is a master of all types of war and combat. Very nasty at close quarters and skilled at leading the rest of the Ulthar force.
Stinger, Scorpio Fencer is a Level 1 Brawler Ulthar Villain. A fast and agile fighter, Stinger is very difficult to catch and hurt.

Aquarius comes in 4 parts. The cast for this model is quite nice. The cloth, armour and skin give several textures to play with. Packed full of detail.
There are mould lines running around the parts that need filing off but there aren't any vents or tabs that I could see. You will need to be a little careful with the staff as the shaft is quite thin and can bend easily. The tip of the staff does have a little bit of a miscast in the blades edge. This will need green stuff or similar to fill.
The collar is a great looking piece. You do need to bend it though to fit in the correct position.
A bit of work to get this model together and ready for painting, but I think it is worth it.

Scorpio is in 3 parts. Body, head and blade. The blade just slots in under the hands and the head is a flat connection. Simple to put together. Watch out for the very thin blade piece though. As it sits close to the body, it is easy to bend out of shape.
No vents or similar to remove and very minimal mould lines. A quick file and the job was done.
The detail and quality of the armour suit is very nice. The plates and different sections look protective but also very mobile. The character has been captured very well.

Once Aquarius is built he looks much more impressive. An imposing leader ready to take on any foe.
This more really was worth the work of cleaning all of the bits up.

Scorpio is a very different model. Full of action and movement. He really does look like he is putting force behind the thrust of the blade.

This box set is 13.99 Euros from the Pulp City Store. That's roughly £12 or $18. A good price for 2 well detailed character models.
For those in the UK, there currently isn't a UK stockist for Pulp City. BUT, postage is usually around £3 and takes around a week. As good, if not better than, some of the big online stores.

The Ulthar are a great looking faction. Different to the usual 'supers' but they still fit into the game.
Armoured, water, warrior, alien invaders. Very cool!
These model did have a couple of issues with parts but I think they were worth the extra work in the end.
Final results give-

7 out of 10 Badger Points!

What are your thoughts?

Next time I will be looking at some of the other Ulthar Supremes. A Ninja and a Minotaur!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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