Monday, 2 May 2011

"Yo ho, All together, Raise the colours high....."

"Heave ho, Thieves and beggars, Never shall we die....."

I know I use this blog for events, results, news etc but I have started something big.
Something VERY big! And I want to share it.

Talion Charter Unbound Project
Over on the Privateer Press Forums. (Click above title to see)

Here is the first post from the thread so you can see what its all about

"I sat and looked around at the big pile of Talion Charter models.
Half unmade and the rest are mostly unpainted.

Then it hit me. I want a fully painted 150pt Talion Charter force for Unbound!
And starting a project log on here would keep me motivated and be a great place for feedback on each step aswell.

So far I have 130pts of pirates. With the WJ points of all 3 Casters full.
So thats 20pts more I need to buy by the end of this project. Already got plans to buy 30pts worth anyway so thats covered.

Most of the Warjacks in this will be converted in some way. Infact, the only ones that wont be are 1 Freebooter, 1 Mariner and 1 Buccaneer.
The rest (14) will be converted to fit in with the Privateer style if normal Merc Jacks or changed to stand out if Privateer Jacks.
And the whole force is also going to be wooden deck based. Why not eh?

Time for some pictures!

My first pully painted Pirate mini and the test scheme for the rest of the Jacks.
A Buccaneer

The reds are going to be made darker and the blues will be more turquoise. Will also be adding more verdigris to the brass parts. Apart from that, this is the scheme!
Going to leave this one as it is though. Being pirates I think having slightly different colours and designs on different Jacks will just add to the ramshackle look.
The base is a test aswell. Stained coffee stirrers. But since, I have been pointed towards some much better premade one by the amazing Faultie

Next up, my first conversion
A Privateer Nomad

A plastic cutlass with plasticard hilt. And a ships wheel inplace of the buckler.
Might end up with more changes though. A Privateer style head or eye patch and either Privateer style legs or a pegleg.

Next up on the painting tables is
Captain Shae
Commodore Cannon
Lord Rockbottom
First Mate Hawk

And for conversions
Lots of Jacks

So, thats the Talion Charter Unbound project.
All thoughts, ideas, comments and criticisms are welcome and encouraged.

I will be updating this thread as often as I can"

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