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Thundercliff Peaks, Rotterhorn, No Quarter, PP News and More......

Evening all,
Lets start off with the big finals that were played at my local clubs this week.
Followed by other event and Privateer Press news

First up
North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics
The full league rules and live map can be found at Privateer Press Events
The last night of Shattered Grounds: Thindercliff Peaks at NCBB was great fun.
'Warcaster Thunderdome' Each player has only 3 Casters/Locks. Small table, MASSIVE CARNAGE!
In game shot-

Double Terminus and double Denegra. My pirates didnt stand a chance!
Where did these games leave us league wise though?

The Sportsmanship winner was - Steve with his Cryx. Got extra league points
Scenery winner was - ooh Me! For the above hills. I gained 2 Faction patches. Merc and Minion
And the final standings-
5 players had to drop out on the final week so we finished with 4 on the last night
In reverse order

Ian - Mercs - 39
Steve - Cryx - 48
Liam - Circle - 50


Coleen won with her Cryx and a huge 68 points!
Winner of the league coin pictuired above.

A report from Col on the league will be coming soon.
The results didnt change the live map. But there still about 30 hours left if you want to make a difference.

Whats next then at NCBB?
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn - June 20th to July 17th
Here is the league symbol and prize coin
There will also be the 3rd part of the 2011 Shattered Grounds league patch
The rules will be the full Shattered Grounds rules found on Privateer Press Events
With a couple of changes / additions at the NCBB club

1- All games to be played at the club. If you cant make it then something will be arranged to play away from the club based on the number of games and sizes played on the night.
2- You can not play the same person twice in a row
3- 50pts max in any game
4- You must play every other player in the league atleast once over the 4 weeks. (unless theres too many players to fit it all in)
Sportsmanship - The player voted most sporting over the course of the league will gain 5 extra points
Combat Engineer - Enter one piece of suitable scenery for Warmachine and Hordes to the club for the chance to win 2 yes TWO Faction patches of your choice by the end of the league.

And what will I have in store for the final event this time?
Oooooh its going to be a fun one! Mwahahahahahahahah!

Cant wait for this one. My dream Talion Charter units has appeared in the league cards.
More on that in the No Quarter section later.....

Want to take part?
Let me know
On here, Facebook or at

Mid Cornwall Gaming Club
A fun and competitive last night at Mad for Miniatures
Ending in a Battlebox knockout tournament

The final results were -
1. Andy - 30
2. Matt - 30
3. Hannah - 27
4. Claire - 26
5. Rich - 26
6. Darren - 25
7. Lisa - 23
8. Ian - 18
9. Steve - 15
10. Anj - 15
11. Luke - 10
12. Mark - 7
With Andrew winning the league coin
Lisa winning the Battlebox tournament and
Hannah winning the scenery contest
Congrats to all winners and well done to all who played and ran the event

Talking of Mad for Miniatures----
Kernow-Machine only weeks away - June 4th
Cornwalls first official Steamroller has only 2 places left.
Check >>HERE<< for the full details
This week the event is also on
Take a listen. The newest episode is here>--
(we are at around 8 mins in)

Thanks to Sam, Andreas and the crew for advertising our event!!!!

No Qurater 36 has arrived and its AMAZING!!!!!
Full Unbound rules for 150pt + games
Great WarHog notes from the diary of Dr.Arkadius
Full rules for-
Farrow Slaughterhousers (I even bought a unit as soon as I seen them in the mag)
Retribution Arcantrik Force Generator Battle Engine
Cryx Wraith Engine Battle Engine (Its nasty!)
And the new Merc Warcaster - Captain Damiano

And a whole lot more for Cygnar, Circle, and all other Faction in Warmachine and Hordes.
Including the new league card for Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn
TALION CHARTER BLACK OGRUN!!!!! Thank you PP and 'DC' Exactly what Ive been asking for on the forums for 12 months!!!!
Guess what Im getting for Rotterhorn.....
To check out the PP Forums for yourself head >>HERE<<

Khador Man'o'War Mech rules teaser
As you may have guessed by the title above there has been a rules teaser over of Bell of Lost Souls this week (BOLS) Link to thier site over on the right>>>>>>>

Battle Mechanik Officer

Khador Unit Attachment

Granted: Man-O-War Mechanik - While this model is in play, models in its unit can make a Repair special action to attempt to repair damaged Man-O-War models as if they were warjacks. Models in this modelʼs unit with Assist Repair can make an Assist Repair special action to assist in the repair of Man-O-War models.
I like the sound of that. Going to be nasty facing them soon. Especially with the new MoW Bambardiers coming aswell!

And to finish off for today

Erebus - Cryx Character Warjack
The helljack known as Erebus serves Lord Exhumator Scaverous, murdering all in its path as it eagerly gathers souls for its master. The lives Erebus has claimed leave it steeped in the detritus of a thousand deaths. This spectral effluvium envelops the machine, repelling any who try to strike its blackened carapace.

The Erebus warjack upgrade kit is NOT a complete model. Players will need a Cryx heavy warjack plastic kit (PIP 34066) in addition to this kit.

What a stunning kit. Totaly different and very creepy.
Check out the full 360 Veiw for the full effect and to take it all in.

See you all next time
Until then
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you

hendybadger out

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