Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn + The Privateer Press 10th Anniversary Sale!

Hi all,
I know I said I wasnt going to be back for a week but theres been some big news.
First up, Rotterhorn!
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn
June 20th - July 17th
For full details on how they work and run check out Privateer Press Events 

"The third installment for the 2011 WARMACHINE and HORDES league season comes your way in June! Tour 3 of the 2011 league season takes place in the desert region surrounding Rotterhorn, a giant mountain on the edge of the Bloodstone Desert. Skorne, Protectorate, and Farrow forces will find themselves pitted against each other as sandstorms swirl and the indomitable mountain looms. Each player who participates in the league will receive a unique Rotterhorn rank insignia patch."

As the 2011 Shattered Grounds leagues continue, each participating player will receive another rank insignia patch that adds to the prior patches to form a higher rank. (shown above and below). Fear not, though—they can be used separately as well. In addition, the league champion will receive a Rotterhorn Championship coin. (at top of post)

The new story, rules and league cards have now been posted.
On the Privateer Press Main Site (on the right and down abit) or just right-click the below links to download
Shattered Ground: Rotterhorn Rules 
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn Alt League Cards 
Shattered Grounds: Rotterhorn Fiction 

Theres a couple of great new Live Map bonuses in there. Especially Mystical Site, Slaughter Field and Slaver Camp.And the cards are amazing. Lots of fun things in there like Blast Boars and, I dont know if Ive mentioned it before but,
 Just what Ive wanted for the last 12 months. Yay!
(Guess what I ordered!) 
 (btw, I have NO idea whats going on with the spacing in the blog. Will try to fix asap)

Rotterhorn @ North Cornwall Beasts and Bioncs
As with the last 2 leagues, we will be running SG:Rotterhorn at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics
Using the full Shattered Grounds rules but with a couple of little tweaks.

Games are capped at a max of 50pts
All games are to be played at the club, and not against the same person twice in a row.
All players are to try and play all other players atleast once over the course of the 4 weeks
If you cant make it to the club night, something will be arranged for you to play elsewhere based on the number and size of games that were played on the night.

Battle Dressed Commendation: To get this you need to have painted a new Battle Engine or Battlegroup (consisting of atleast 3 models) by the end of the league

Combat Engineer Commendation: For this one players need to enter 1 piece of terrain, to fit into the WM/H setting,  to the club by the end of the league. 
The best piece voted for on the last night will win TWO (2) Faction Patches of thier choice

Sportsmanship Award: The player voted most sporting over the course of the league will get an extra 5pts!

THE FINAL NIGHT: Who knows? It could be something big. Something very big! (Mwahahahahah!)

Time to get your forces ready for war!

Privateer Press 10th Anniversary Sale
Yes, you read that right.
PP are having a big sale for thier 10th anniversary. All the info can be found >>HERE<<

"In celebration of our ten-year anniversary, the Privateer Press online store will be hosting great deals on a selection of products from all our current game lines from now until the end of June. We’re kicking things off with some fantastic offers on our award-winning miniatures games WARMACHINE and HORDES.
Between now and June 20th, we’re offering WARMACHINE Starter Bundles and HORDES Starter Bundles! Pick any battlegroup box set, the associated faction tokens, and a set of WARMACHINE or HORDES templates, and receive a free copy of WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II or HORDES: Primal Mk II as well as a free Privateer Press tape measure!
What’s more, we are offering free shipping worldwide on purchases of WARMACHINE and HORDES battlegroup box sets (but no other items), giving everyone a chance to get into these two great games wherever they live in the world.
But that's not all!
The celebration keeps on rolling with great deals on our action-packed kaiju battle miniatures game Monsterpocalypse, our full library of backstock No Quarter Magazine, and our family fun board games Grind and Scrappers. You can find all these fantastic deals right now on our online store today, but hurry. The Privateer Press 10th Anniversary Sale ends June 24th!"

And to finish off today, another Monsterpocalypse Quantum has been spotted.
Quantum Zor-Magna


See you all again soon
May your random number generator cubes be kind to you


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