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Privateer Press News + This Weeks Thundercliff Peaks Results

Hi again,
Going to do things the wrong way around this week I think.
Why?................ Why not?
So lets start with some Privateer Press News
First up is TARG, Minions Farrow Solo

The disfigured farrow assistant of Dr. Arkadius, Targ aids his master by tending the violent and unpredictable farrow warbeasts. Although lacking refinement and expertise, Targ has a way with warbeasts. He can push a warbeast to lash out with an unpredictable attack, administer vital medical care to his charges, or provide vital guidance to farrow warbeasts that wander too far from their masters.

From the story at the start of 'Forces of Hordes: Legion of Everblight' is the Drs assistant. Looks amazing!!!
Even creepier then he sounded in the story. And his little bit of fluff sounds like he is going to be very good in game aswell.
Cant just look at this pic though. You HAVE to take a look at his 360 view over on the Privateer Press Main Site. Direct link to the page is >>HERE<<

Next up is a nice clear shot of the artwork for 
Captain Damiano, Mercenary Warcaster
What a picture! Stunning new Caster, cheering crowds and a steam powered windmill!!!!!
Cant wait to see the model. (Or is new Warjack Rociante)

The last bits of Privateer news for today are from Bell of Lost Souls. (Link to the right>>>>)
A little snippet of the rules for the new Cygnar Character Warjack


Cygnar Morrowan Ally Character Heavy Warjack
Accumulator [Morrowan] - When this model begins its activation within 3˝ of one or more friendly Morrowan models, it is allocated 1 focus point.

An Ally? Usable in Mercs aswell? Oh I hope so.
Will have to wait and see!

And the final bit for today is very nice.
A Mercenery Decal sheet for use on all your hired swords and coin led rouges
To download the sheet at full size go >>HERE<<

Shattered Grounds: Thundercliff Peaks Results
The full rules, story and live map can be found at Privateer Press Events

First up
Last weeks lague points were-

Col - Cryx - 14
Matt - Legion - 12
Claire - Menoth - 10
Steve - Cryx - 10
Cal - Khador - 10
Rich - Khador - 10
Ian - Mercs - 9
Liam - Circle - 8
Andy - Cygnar - 0 (Missed but caught up)

After a fantic night of some very close and fun games the scoreboard had changed quite abit

Col - 28
Matt - 28
Andy - 24
Liam - 22
Claire - 22
Steve - 21
Rich - 20
Ian - 18
Cal - 16

Aswell as the league we are also fighting for the Live Online League Map areas. Including games outside of club nights.
The points this week didn't change and leaders in the map but it did add some needed %s

Drothun is still heavily under Cryian control
Ghord is still a haven for Mercenaries
Korsk has Khador commanders everywhere
Malgor Forest is another hold for Cryx. But the Circle druids arnt going to let their forest go without a fight.
The Ruins of Riversmet are firmly defended by the forces of Cygnar
And Horgenhold is a shrine for the followers of Menoth

Next week is going to be very interesting

Last week the ladder sat at
1. Andrew - 12
2. Matt - 12
3. Darren - 11
4. Hannah - 11
5. Steve - 10
6. Anj - 8
7. Claire - 8
8. Rich - 8
9. Ian - 7
10. Lisa - 6
11. Luke - 6
12. Mark - 4

Unfortunately I couldn't make it there this week so missed out on 3 games and dropped right down!
The points are now

1. Andy - 18
2. Matt - 18
3. Hannah - 17
4. Claire -16
5. Darren - 14
6. Steve - 13
7. Anj - 13
8. Rich - 13
9. Lisa - 12
10. Luke - 10
11. Ian - 7
12. Mark - 4

Thats going to be a serious fight to try and gain some points back.

Still has a couple of places left. Take a look at Cornwalls first official Steamroller >>HERE<<

And to finish off todays post
Legionary 2011
A gaming convention held in Exeter, Devon on May 7th at the Matford Centre.

We will be there on the day with some nice big demo and participation games.
Inculding Starter Box demo games, a big clash between the forces of Khador and the kriels of the Trollbloods, a nice deadly game of Grind and a mid city clash between the giants of the the Martian Menace and the Planet Eaters in Monsterpocalypse
For full details on Legionary 2011 please check out their Main Page

Thats it for today ladies , gents and others!

May the random number generator cube deities smile upon you!

Hendybadger out---------------

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