Monday, 4 April 2011

Lock & Load Extended + Farrow Slaughterhousers!!!!

Hi all

Privateer Press have just announced that the Lock & Load gamefest will be extended to include alot more for the event goers.
Original post - HERE
For more info on Lock & Load, PPs first massive event, check out thier Main Site

Would love to go myself but its a long old way across the pond. Cant wait to see all the pics and reports afterwards though.

And today we also have

The first look at models (probably) from Hordes: Domination. The 2011 Hordes expansion due later this year.
The Farrow Slaughterhousers (check the link for a full 360 veiw of the leader. Its stunning!)
Bloodthirsty, tough as nails, and strong enough to hack the arms off a gorax, slaughterhousers serve as vicious shock troops in farrow warbands. Heedless of danger, slaughterhouser units charge recklessly into battle, cutting a wide swath through the enemy with their massive pole cleavers and shaking off wounds that would kill or incapacitate lesser farrow.

Im so happy I just picked up Lord Carver and Dr Arkadius.
Who could turn down a pig called Bringer of Most Massive Destrucion, Esquire the 3rd?

The Slaughterhousers description gets my brain going. Tough? Reach? Berserk? Thresher? Who knows?
Whatever the rules will be, I want them!!!!!
Will be a great close combat unit addition to the already amazing Farrow line.

Thats all for today though folks.
Will be back soon with the setup of Shattered Grounds: Thundercliff Peaks @ North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics

May your random number generator cubes be faithful!

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