Friday, 1 May 2015

Arkham City Limits - Batman Game Community Update

Adam Reeves Titan Joker crew ready to cause mayhem
With the release of the Batman rulebook from Knight Models, the popularity of the game has shot up!
Along with this, the official Facebook group Arkham City Limits has shot up in size as well.
With all these new players, painters and general Batman lovers, I thought it would be good to do another update on the ACL with the sort of thing that has been posted there recently.

In my option, its one of the best gaming communities I have ever been part of.
Check out all of these awesome projects.......

Ian Morton has gone for the TV colours for his Arrow.
Aaron Emerson has done great work on the Green Arrow, Speedy and the Flash.
Andrew Campbell has gone with a classic costume look on his Nightwing and Catwoman
Andrew Morgan John can do fantastic things with bases. Superman taking off and flying over water.
This Batman crew was Andy Leightons entry into a recent ACL painting competition.
Bear Smith has used a Black Mask body and Superman head t create a killer Frank Miller Joker
These Sarissa buildings have been 'Gothamed' by Chris Dalton
Dan Halstead has finsihed up a great looking Penguin crew
The book preorder models are starting to show up.

Elizabeth Beckley is painting the most stunning Huntress I have ever seen.
The Suicdice Squad hit the table. Repaints and conversions by Evolved Intelligence
These Watchmen were painted by James Hinton as his entry in the ACL painting competition
Kaylee Anderson is going very green with her comic Poison Ivy
Matt Prior's Batman crew with a great Red Robin conversion
Matthew Malcomson is getting ready for the release of a Scarecrow crew with some themed Henchmen and Free Agents
MonNom EstRien is testing out World Works printed tiles
Got a spare Joker? Niels Jochems turned his into a statue.
Phil Atherton has gone for an alternate green and purple scheme for his Joker crew
Damien Wayne is looking as smug as ever. Great work by Simon Lazyfimfim
Do villains fear the Bat? They will now thanks to Stuart Lacy's Yellow Lantern Batman.
Matthew Malcomson has decided to 'reverse' the colours on the Flash
Pete Smith's great looking team  of Arrow, Speedy and Huntress
It's not just DC though. Here's Laurent Parmentier's Avengers

Head over to Arkham City Limits to see even more great work.

- Hendybadger


  1. Some marvelous entries here! I should paint up mine in the nearby future too.
    Thank you for sharing these, they are most inspiring.

  2. A truly outstanding collection of miniatures from the community.


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