Saturday, 13 December 2014

New Marvel and DC December Releases from Knight Model

 It's time for some new goodies again from Knight Models and they don't disappoint with the December releases.

First up is the killer lady herself, Elektra. A really nice model that captures the character really well. No rules yet, but don't forget, there is a Supers game in the works!

 The second Marvel releases this month is one we recently previewed. The Man Without Fear, Daredevil.

 The December Marvel releases are finished off with a new pack, the Marvel Knights. Elektra and Daredevil get joined by Spiderman and the Punisher. At a nice discount as well.

 The DC / Batman Minis Game releases are just as nice this month. The first is Kathy Kane a.k.a Batwoman.
A 95 Rep Sidekick for the Batman and Law gangs, shes looks like she will be a lot of fun on the table.

The Bad guys dont get left out thid month. Nyssa al Ghul has come to join the League of Shadows / Assassins. Anyone that has been watching Arrow will know Nyssa very well.
Aa a Sidekick at 83 Rep and $300, she is going to take up a sizeable chuck on your force, but she is worth it!

 Nyssa's dad has also come to lead the League. The second Ra's al Ghul released so far is based on the character from the Arkham video games but could easly pass for a comic or animated version as well.
Coming in at 125 Rep, he is almost half of a crew all on his own. But his rules are crazy! The Bat will be no problem to him.

 With the new League additions, there is now a discounted League of Shadows Set. Arkham Ra's and Nyssa are joined by Talia al Ghul, Movie Ra's and 5 Ninjas.

 To finish off your League collection, how about some nice golden League Action Markers?

 Demeber also sees the addition of the first gang based objective. Joker Gas Canisters. They even come with additional rules for using them.

 The Gotham Scenography range continues with a GCPS SWAT Van. While a couple of people have said it looks 'blocky', I think its pretty close to the set photos of the real one.
Some gap filling and it will look perfect.

 Finally, Gotham needed some Phone Booths. Or Superman wouldn't have anywhere to change when he visits. These new terrain sets also seem to include glass/plastic sections for added effect.

Which ones will you go for this month?

- Hendybadger

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