Monday, 15 December 2014

City Gaming Board WIP Update - Dec 15th

As you may know already, I am buliding a modular City gaming board for the Batman Minis Game from Knight Models.
I have now added a few more items, laid down at least a base coat on everything and created two different areas of Gotham City. All that really needs doing now are a few washes, some dry brushing and a bit of detailing. Then it will all be ready to go.

First up is Gotham Downtown.
Several buildings. 2/3/4 levels to each and things tightly packed together.
Click any pictures to view larger.

Miniatures are from Knight Models
Shipping containers, street lights, sewers, boxes, bins, skips and pallet are from Knight Models
L-shaped Pub is from Timeline Miniatures
All other buildings are from Sarissa Precision
Batmobile and Batwing are from Eaglemoss
Base toppers and street level scenery are from Fenris Games
Rooftop scenery is from Ainsty Castings and Armorcast

For the second layout I am going for the outskirts of Arkham.
Fewer buildings and floors. Larger consruction areas. More floor level space.

What do you think?
Would you add / remove anything?

- Hendybadger


  1. Wow looking really great so far. I'm looking forward to seeing it will full paint.

  2. Nice work, I like it a lot so far.
    Some graffiti and posters and it will look great :)

  3. Great looking game board... i to is building a city game board but its for my zombie game ;)

  4. Nice looking game, beautiful street wiews...


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