Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pulp City Heads for Plymouth!

Yes that's right.
Pulp City (the awesome Super Heroes v Villains skirmish game) is heading for Plymouth, Devon, UK over the next couple of weeks.

I will be running a couple of demo events at a Plymouth club and store.

On Sunday June 24th. the Plymouth Association of Wargamers are letting me destroy cities at their weekly club meet. 12pm-5pm. Directions and club details can be found >>HERE<<

Later that week I will be at The Giants Lair. Thursday 28th from 5pm-10pm. Details about the venue are >>HERE<<
The Giants Lair is also home to the 'very well known' Warhammer Joey. Maybe she might fancy a try?

If you fancy giving Pulp City a go or you already play and fancy meeting up for a game, you are more than welcome to come along to either demo.
Any other clubs and/or stores in the South West UK that want a demo day/eve, please just shoot me an email using the link on the right>>>>>>

I know the blog has been quiet for afew days but I have been quite busy. Unfortunately not with gaming.
I have managed to reach one of my goals though. I have managed to get all of the Pulp City range. (apart from the elusive June Summers)
I'm also very close to building the entire range. More than 1 of some. About 4 left to finish making.

Next up are the 2 other goals. To paint and play with all the different models! That might take abit longer.

Finally for today, if you are interested in the game then check out one of the most active (and comical) Facebook gaming groups out there.
Citizens of Pulp City (link)
Includes lots of players (vets and noobs), the Game Design Team, Creator, Artists and Sculptors.
You don't get much better fan communication than that!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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