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Sovereign Showdown - Jubilee Special Pulp City Battle Report

(Some of the minis in this report are 'paint in progress'. I didn't have the time to finish them between thinking the game up and playing it. The Minions are 'borrowed' from Heroclix so please ignore their bases. They also have some very over the top rules that shouldn't be used in normal games. Lastly, please excuse the couple of fuzzy pics. Had no stand and it was a very exciting game. So.... excuses over, lets get on with the show. Enjoy!)

(All the technical info like team lists and Minion rules can be found at the bottom of this post. Click any pics to view larger)

Sovereign Showdown - A Jubilee Special Pulp City Battle Report

The Place - Pulpchester, Pulpshire, England. A town that's twinned with Pulp City USA and the home to most of Britain's Supremes.

The Date - June 5th, 1992. The Ruby Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth

Pulpchester is holding a big Jubilee celebration. Street parties, live music, 'real' beer and much more.
The stars of the show will be Pulpchesters very own Supreme team. The British Legionnaires.
The Might Sovereign and his team mates the British Bullet and UK Sergeant.

Several other Supremes has also been invited to the celebrations. The lightning god Perun has arrived to represent Poland, Kitty Cheshire and Tritonius have come to show support from Pulp City and 3 members of ARC (the Ape Revolutionary Committee) Apebot, Virus and Howler heard there was going to be food and beer, well oil for Apebot!
(That's what the ARC members have been telling people anyway. They are actually on their way to Europe to chase a lead on some rumoured 'other' intelligent apes and happened to be in England at the time)

The Supreme gathered at the Legionnaires base and headed for the centre of the town. Ready to open the show and maybe even get the chance to meet the Queen herself!

But something was not right. Movement was spotted on the next street.
Sovereign, UK Sergeant and the British Bullet? That cant be right!
Perun, being the first to notice them, called out and both groups slowly walked towards each other.
All had gone quiet. The only voices heard were those of 'both' Sovereigns asking each other the same questions.
"Who are you?" "What are you doing here?" "Are you in some sort of fancy dress?"
Each also gave the same replies.
"I am Sovereign, protector of the UK" "This is where I live" "Are you mad?"
The voices started to get more and more frustrated.
Perun stood by the 'first' Sovereign. Backed up by Tritonious and Kitty.
Howler and Virus had different ideas. According to them they could 'smell' that this new Sovereign on the scene was the real one and the one they had met up with to begin with was an impostor. The whole team were impostors!

The 2 sides faced off against each other
 (Clones? Necroplane copies? Robots? Or something darker? For now we will just call them Red Sovereign and Blue Sovereign or the Rd+Bl teams)

With both teams feeling the tension in the air and throwing around all sorts of strange accusations about the other, they backed away. The hope was for a peaceful conclusion, but the knew this wasn't going to happen.

The first moves were made by Bl Sovereign and his Legionnaries. Backed up by Howler.

Rd Sovereign immediately reacted. Leading his own team forward. Nobody attacked though. Each side staring at the other. Trying to work out what was going on!
Clones? From the past or future? A set up? Nobody knew!

Suddenly there was an almighty CRACK from the next street across. Sounded almost like lightning.
It was!
Perun had charged forward and launched his lightning axe straight at Apebot in an attempt to shut down his hard drive.

Apebot had different ideas though.
With a scan of the environment he spotted a big red phone box. It would be perfect to tear from the pavement and chuck at the annoying lightning man!

The phone box hit its mark. Knocking Perun back into Tritonious.

With Perun stunned for a moment, Virus took the opportunity to try and repair the electrical damage to Ape Bot.
After catching the thunder god, the half alien Tritonius decided to enter the fight as well.
Charging towards Apebot he tore a street light from the ground and swung with all his might at the huge primal machine. With a massive CLANG the light broke. It did leave a very large dent in the side of the metal gorilla though.

 Apebot was not happy. (well you wouldn't be if you just got hit by a street light)
He knew Tritonius was strong and tough. It would take more than just his fists to hurt him. Turning his head to the left he reached out and grabbed the front end of a Capri!

A swing and a hit! Just not enough to stop the 'hulking' half breed.

Virus was trying to keep his head down behind his very large friend/toy.
Perun spotted a chance to fly past Apebot while he was distracted with the car and landed with a heavy thud. Cracking the tarmac.
Virus froze and looked up (He only comes up to Peruns waist) What was going to happen to him?

Apebot didn't notice the trouble Virus was in. He was too occupied with grabbing Tritonious and launching him as far as possible.
Tritonious only stopped as he hit the statue in the middle of the fountain.

Meanwhile, back on the first street......

Both of the Legionnaire teams clash. Like two trucks hitting each other head on.

 Kitty Cheshire called upon her powers of transportation. Sending Bl Sovereign straight up two floors.

With pure English Courage, Bl Sovereign immediately leapt from the rooftop onto the cat woman. Knocking her to the floor. A small grin appeared on his stern face.

While Bl Sovereign was planning his next move Kitty sank into the floor. Only to rise out of it again right in front of him. Using her powers again she sent Bl Sovereign even further than last time. The other side of the building they stood beside.

We return to the rampaging roboape.....

Tritonius draws upon the power of the water around him and rises to his feet.
Only to see Apebot running towards him with the Capri in hand once again.
He wasn't as lucky this time though. A large car hitting you a second time isn't something you walk away from. Tritonious is the first to fall!

 As the car finds it target there is an awesome CRACK in the background. Virus has also fallen. (Theres only so long you can stand against a god with a lightning axe)

The 2 teams of Legionnaires were still in a brutal battle. But a lot was about to change.
Rd British Bullet hit Bl UK Sergeant with such force it knocked him out cold. And out of the fight!
While across the street Bl Sovereign smashes through the rear wall of a shop to try and get back to Kitty. Only to see Bl British Bullet flying towards here at amazing speeds.

After the injuries Kitty suffered from Bl Sovereign, the force of Bl British Bullet was more than enough to put her out of the game for good.

As Kitty faded into the floor a clear line of sight was opened up between Rd UK Sergeant and Bl British Bullet. The Sergeant took this chance to fire off a '21 gun salute' and seriously wounded Bl British Bullet.

In the midst of battle none of the fighting Supremes noticed the back up that had arrived. Perun and Apebot each appeared from different sides of the building behind the fight.

Rd Sovereign spotted the Bl Sovereign had reappeared behind Howler. This was not good news for Howler. There was nothing going to get into Sovereigns way.
With the power of British Steel, Rd Soveriegn took Howler down with one massive hit.

The Rd British Bullet took to the skies after spotting Apebot. From a great height he swooped down towards the metal monkey hitting him square in the chest.
Unfortunately he didn't realise how solid Apebot was until he didn't move him a single inch.
Instead, Apebot caught the Rd British Bullet in mid air and with a flick of his arms he threw his catch down the street.

As Rd Soveriegn was about to head for his double, Bl British Bullet flew into him and his partner UK Sergeant.
Sovereign wasn't harmed by the attack. But he also wasn't looking behind him.
Apebot came charging into the road with a street light in hand which he them applied to the back of Sovereigns head!

Although stunned, Rd Sovereign turned and grabbed the bumper of a close by Mini. In one movement he picked up the car and slammed it into the side of the rampaging robo. A crack appeared in Apebots side.

At the same time the car was swung Bl British Bullet managed to finish off Rd UK Sergeant with a Diamond powered strike.

Seeing that Rd Sovreign was surrounded Perun flew into the back of Apebot. With a mighty swing of his axe he opened up the crack even more.

With his mirror self in danger Bl Sovereign closed in. Wanting to land the finishing blow himself.
At the same time Apebot realised he was in serious trouble without Virus around to repair the damage. His rage circuits overloaded at he lifted the Mini he was damaged with and slammed it down on top of Rd Sovereign.
Killing him.

The metal gorilla looked under the car to see.................... nothing!
Rd Sovereign had vanished!

All of a sudden there was a blinding flash.
Perun had disappeared as well!

In his place stood Rd Sovereign.
What did this mean? How did it happen? Does it mean his is the 'real' thing?

With amazingly quick speed for something so big, Apebot turned, grabbed Rd Sovereign and threw him down the street into the fountain.

With sparks flying out of the cracks in his frame, Apebot ran towards Rd Sovereign.
Sovereign jumped to his feet as soon as he spotted the robo ape coming. Just as Apebot reached his target the British Powerhouse grabbed the statue, that was previously knock down by Tritonious, and swung it down on top of Apebot with all his strength.

The metal gorilla was was finally reduced to a pile of scrap.

As bits of Apebot flew everywhere Rd British Bullet swooped in and caught Bl British Bullet by surprise. Knocking him to the floor and severally stunning him.
Bl Sovereign had kept out of the fight as much as possible to reserve his strength for the final showdown.
The Supremes faced each other across the water. Identical scowls on each of them.

With almost mirrored movements they both raised their Albion MkI guns and fired.
Both men stood their ground. The power of British Steel filled their veins and fists flew towards the other mans face.
One punch landed, one didn't.
 Red Sovereign stood over the body of his other self.
It was just there. In the water. It didn't turn into an alien, no robot sparks, no disappearing off to another time. It just stayed there.

The triumphant Sovereign slowly walked away with his chin held high.
There was still time to get to the Pulpchester celebrations and hopefully meet the Queen herself.

A small grin came across his face as he walked down the street.
But why?

The technical bits
Plot - Smackdown
Encounter Level - 6
Turns - 6

Steves Team
Sovereign Lvl 2
Apebot Lvl 2
Virus Lvl 1
Howler Lvl 1

Hendybadgers Team
Sovereign Lvl 2
Perun Lvl 2
Kitty Cheshire Lvl 1
Tritonious Lvl 1

Both sides had the same resources and agendas.

Agenda 1 - Keep friendly Sovereign alive
Agenda 2 - Kill enemy Sovereign

Minion Lvl 3 - British Bullet
Minion Lvl 3 - UK Sergeant
Usualy Minions can only go up to Lvl 2 but to make this game a little different we gave them extra powers, extra damage, a Trump stat and the ability to generate Action Points.
No other resources were allowed

The final result
Steve - AGP 2, 1, 1, -2, -2 = 0
Hendybadger - 2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2 = 10

This was such a fun game and I hope you enjoy reading it.
If it has inspired you to run your own 'special edition' game then please post links below.

Hendybadger Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Great battle report! The play by play photos really help capture the story of the bout.

    1. Thanks.
      I have tried to keep a balance of photos and story. Wanted all the action to be captured


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