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Interview with Maciej Zylewicz - Creator of Pulp City - the Super Hero Skirmish Game

As regular readers know, I'm a HUGE fan of Pulp City, the Super Hero skirmish game.
At Salute this year I finally had the chance to meet its creator Maciej Zylewicz, otherwise known as Morf on the Pulp City Forums. A great chap who agreed to do an interview about the game and where its heading for ToaTS.
When I came home I gave fans of PC the chance to ask any questions they wanted to know before I spoke to Maciej. So some of these questions are from myself and some are from some other big fans of the game.

I would just like to start by saying a MASSIVE thank you to Maciej for this interview (again)
(Hendybadger - Maciej)

Where did the idea of Pulp City come from? And what made you want to turn it into a game and business?

 I am a man that completely lacks talents.  I can't draw, I can't write, I can't sculpt.
Since I could have never created a comic book myself (always my dream), I decided to transplant the idea into the gaming world. It was back in the days when my favourite miniature game was in its death throes (and boy, that wasn't pretty). I had a very stable job back then and thought about investing some and creating a line of miniatures I had in my head, but needed great artists to draw them and sculpt them. Funny enough, just as I got my first sculpt, I had to make a sudden change in my career and start a new business venture. Early 2007, I had not one but two start-ups in my hands.

What do you consider the most interesting part of your job as Major of Pulp City?

Design, design, design. Be it the rules we crack our heads on (and we fight and bleed for them) or new Supremes that are this melting pot of ideas and references & stimulations I get from swimming in the sea of pop culture.

How do you come up with the ideas for all these original Supremes?

I like mixing. I am inspired by re-inventing cliches. One of my favourite comic book series ever is Ellis/Millar run on Authority. When you look at it, there is absolutely nothing new, it's grinding Superman, Batman and other favourites. But they serve it in a delicious sauce spiced with a lot of absurd questions that super hero world rarely asks. What if the heroes are more powerful than God? What are the casualty tolls when they clash?

When you have a Supreme you want to put into the game, what sort of process do you go through to get it from idea to in the customers hands?

Various. Sometimes it is very clear, from A to Z. And I do enforce the vision. Sometimes, it is a seed I plant and watch concept artists turn it into a nice supreme flower that blooms. Sometimes I steal ideas from friends that confide in me.
Night Fright + Leech

How do you choose which sculptors and artists to use?

After some time in the business I factor in two things: reliability and skills. Ones that I work with now are champions in both. Sadly, there is a lot of talent out there that is not backed up with reliability. The best concept artist that is 12 months late is an anchor that drags the projects down.

Who was your favourite comic book hero when you were a child, and why?

Batman, hands down. I like the dark ambiance. If a hero if defined by his villains, one more reason to love Batman.

Who is your favourite comic book hero now you are an adult, and why?

Too many to mention, still Bats, but the rest comes and goes, Authority, Dr. Strange, Cap.

I like well written stuff and love re-discovering heroes I never cared for before. Brubaker run made cap suddenly one of my favourites. Whedon's run on X-men turn boring Cyclops into one hell of a character.

If you could make ANY movie, what would it be?

Not much of a movie maker here. I would reboot the TF franchise and substitute explosions for more character development. I was dreading Avengers movie cause so far all of the team-super hero franchises use most characters as power placeholders. For instance, Ironhide in TF is a big guy that carries guns. When he dies, you don't shed a tear, because he was as flat as cardboard. Fortunately Avengers just oozes with little character touches. I think Prime and the team deserve that!

On you have some background for some of the Supremes. Do you plan to add more now there are more Supremes?

We've just completed 90% of existing characters fluff bios. They will go online with the new site.
(Cant wait to read those, the backgroud for Pulp City so far is amazing)

Have you ever thought about creating a comic book of Pulp City?

Yes, it always goes down to the budget.

Which are you personal favourite Pulp City Supremes?

Dr. Red, Tenebrous, 6FU.
 Dr Red
 Dr Tenerbrous
Six Feet Under

What do you want to do with the game over the next 12 months?

The changes are so major, I feel excitement and dread at the same time.

Where can you see Pulp Monsters in 5 years time?

I see it alive and still your friendly boutique kind of a game with lots of great gals and guys in the community.

A couple of my own favourite Supremes have to be the 'Country' Supremes Like Sovereign for the UK and Perun for Poland. Are there any plans to create more characters for more counties in the future?

Yes, we are working on a very traditional, almost Golden Age All-American supreme team.
(Really excited to see how these turn out)

With the recent Iron Train artwork and the legendary Red Baron you have touched on alternate time periods like Weird Wild West and Weird WWII. Are these just ideas and one offs or would you like them to be more?

At one point I had this idea of opening PC to different time lines. It's not very sound business wise, but I may still surprise you from time to time.

Pulp City have had great competitions in the past with 'Supreme Genesis' where fans get to have their own creations added to the game. Do you want to run more of these competitions one day?

 I would love too. We are closing down the character creation "Bible", that will lead to some interesting options for fan-projects.

You have also had the 'Herald' programme. A group of fans that go above and beyond to promote and teach the game and to run events. The programme seems to have stopped at the moment though. Will it return?

It's in the suspense because we want it better stronger and run by somebody more competent than me!
(When its back you can expect my application)

This has to be my favourite fan question....

Would the feminist Androida ever fall for the charming Bender from Futurama?

The first moment his stretching telescopic hands touch her, he is a dead bot.

Last but not least, do you have any sneaky teasers for the PC fans and readers of ToaTS?

We will reveal the next big threat to Pulp City in the couple of days to follow. It's very ancient and very hungry.
(Looking forward to seeing what its going to be)
You can also see for yourselves at the  Pulp City Forums or on the Pulp City Facebook Page

Thank you once again for giving this interview.

Thanks Ian, keep doing the great job!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Such teases. Looking forward to all of this.

    1. Can wait to see what the US team is going to be.
      And all the changes over the next year


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