Monday 13 June 2016

Official Marvel Universe Errata and FAQ 3

Since the release of the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game, Knight Models have taken on board all of the already large communities comments.
With this in mind, the new Errata / FAQ makes some alterations to the core rules and clarifies others as well as updating some older characters and adding new scenrios.

The Updated v3 PDF of the Marvel rules can be found HERE (Product Data Sheet)
(currently 1 mistake. Grab Throw is Blue not Red)

The v3 FAQ with character updates and scenarios is HERE (Dropbox) or below (Scribd direct)

A Few key points to take in from the V1 / V2 rules -

Core Rules

Throwing now only has 1 hit roll on the grab and doesn't need to be aimed at something

Some Attacks like Grab/Throw, Spray and Expansive Wave no longer cause models to become a 'Target' so Bodyguard can't be used on them.

Move, Displace, Place and Remove have been cleared up in Special Power

Final Phase Order added. Stamina rolls - Skills/Powers end - VP count

Models do NOT block Line of Sight

Climbing and Jumping are now an additional 1 POW. Not half movement.

Spray Attacks are Auto Hit

Awkwardness, Dazzle and Distrat are until End of Round or until the target Activates

Several new Skills added - Close Combat Master, Defensive Teamwork, Energy, Fury, Heroic Action, Power Master, Power Thief, Power Transference, Solid

Released Character Updates

Void is now Passive
Unstable is now Passive
Unstable adds "Sentry retuns with all Red Attacks unused and Full Endurance. Classed as Incap for VP the first and second time he is reduced to 0 Endurance"

Advanced Pounce is range -

Gains Power Thief
Does not gain +1 Dmg on Strike from Emma Frost
Does not copy Attacks

Gains Fury

Gains Heroic Action

Emma Frost-
Gains Power Master

Gains Energy

Ms Marvel-
Gains Energy

Gains Power Transference/2

Gains Close Combat Master

Gains Fury and Elite Fighter

Lady Mastermind-
Gains Power Transference/3 and Thermal Vision

Jean Grey-
Gains Energy and Power Master

Bodyslide can move ANY Deadpool

Hook Arrow Displaces and can be used to move onto an edge of a rooftop in LoS

Thunderclap is Energy not Physical

Attack Value is 6

Gains Soldier and Close Combat Master
Fastball Special follows new Throwing rules

Captain America-
Gains Heroic Action
Shield Block is Range 4"

Gains Solid

If you have any questions, please post them below and I will help out where I can.

- Hendybadger


  1. Regarding the new character stats, I'm looking for the updated character cards. Is there a printable version of each updated character card? I just order some minis and I'm certain some if not all will arrive with outdated character cards.

    1. All of them are updated on the KM site under Product Daya Sheet on each minis page.

  2. Hi, so can cap amercia still cancel a whole spray or expansive wave attack considering it doesn't target anymore?

    1. Oh, 1 more thing, how does place SP movement work. I only found displace and move in the rule book under other movement.


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