Friday, 21 June 2013

New Info on Shadow Sea 2nd Edition

Antimatter Games have posted some info on the planned next edition of Shadow Sea. The land based side of Deep Wars.
This was posted on the old ShadowSea Kickstarter -

The previous post had some good feedback and has helped identify things people want to see and what is probably not a good idea. What seems to work best is to keep the forces small and focused like in DeepWars, with lots of character for each troop type. We will stick to the starter sets with 5 models per box but we will try to have all of them metal this time. The initial forces will be Fortune Hunters and Dark Mariners, with the Axibalan empire coming next as a stretch goal, then Draconid Legion. Other mercenary forces will be unlocked after that along with the supplements for different regions of the Underlands. The starting date would be after the DeepWars rewards all ship, so probably late August. 

Stygian Depths - snakemen and demons, tiles mixing the dungeons with natural caverns in one tile pack to keep it simpler. Fewer quest chambers. Cards for magic items, treasures, encounters, traps, etc so everything is random. 

Sunless Forest - Sunless Kingdom minis - trogs, clal-chk, garks, etc. maze of fungal tress and unnatural formations. Outdoor hazards, traps, new treasure types, biotech artifact cards. 

Sunken Citadel - Order of Yosoth sorcerers, Ethereals - underwater tunnels, chambers, water-filled rooms, tie with DeepWars more, new spell types, artifact cards.

Those supplements and new figures could be 10k each as stretch goals, so the project would have to get successful to fund them.
Interspersed with the main core items would be commanders, heroes and big models. One of the first "special items" will be Azcalta – Mistress of the Apocalypse with her "assistant". This is the WIP of the concept art.

What are your thoughts on these new plans?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


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