Monday, 10 June 2013

New for Pulp City - V.H, Blacksmith, Red Bella, Primates of Power and more!

The streets of Pulp City are getting a lot of new Heroes and Villains now that they have started monthly releases.

First up are V.H and Blacksmith for the Blood Watch Heroes. Released last month they are a stunning looking pair of minis and great in game.
V.H is a level 3 Leader that adds a lot to the Faction for the new Supreme Edition of the game.
Blacksmith is a level 2 Tank that is great at backing up and supporting the rest of the team.

This month we will be seeing reinforcements for ARC. The Ape Revolutionary Committee.
Red Bella hasn't had the model previewed yet but her artwork (above) has been around since the first edition Pulp City Guide was released. As for her rules, we know she will be a level 2 and her origin will be Mystery but that is all we know so far.
She also has some little friends.......

The Primates of Power are 3 little Supremes, each a different Origin.
There has been talk of them either boosting the whole team, team mates of the same Origin or even a single level 2 Supreme up to a level 3 Leader. Looking forward to finding out which bits are real.

Next month the Coven will be getting some love in the shape of Papa Zombie (top) and Comte Vendredi (bottom).
Not a whole lot is known about these 2 yet but Comte looks awesome and I'm sure Papa will look just as good.
After that, who knows? New Starter Sets maybe?

You may have seen that there is a 500th Post Giveaway (link) running on here at the moment with lots of Deep Wars and DreadBall goodies.
Why mention this in a Pulp City post? Well, if the ToaTS Facebook Page hits 500 likes (only 17 to go) by the time the giveaway ends, we will be adding in some 'Supreme' PC prizes!

Which of these new additions do you like the most?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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