Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Deep Wars News Update

Antimatter Games have been hard at work getting all the stretch goal minis from the Deep Wars Kickstarter campaign finished. The models are looking stunning so I thought I would gather the recent news all here in one place.

First up is the Giant Angler Fish for the Scaly Horde (above and below). Antimatter wanted this big nasty fish to look like it could swallow a person whole. I think they have pulled that off perfectly.
This is just an amazing piece! My favourite in the entire range so far.

The Templar Shadow Slayer for the Fortune Hunters is a strong anti-magic character. Very handy to have in the depths of the Shadow Sea. I really like this model. It has its own style while still being recognisable as part of the faction.

The Fortune Hunters also get a Medic. This model is currently WIP and needs propulsion systems and such adding. Looking good so far though. Lovely swimming pose.

Along with the Giant Angler the Scaly Horde get a Clal-Chk warrior. The same race as the Scientist in the starter set, this insectoid diver has bio-gear made from different creatures.

The Ancients of Atalan have an absolutely stunning Recon Scout riding an underwater bike. The details on this look amazing. Not too sure on the coral holding it up but then it could be a water trail. Will wait and see when its painted up.

The Hydroform Mech is another addition to the Ancients. This robo-jellyfish is still WIP but I'm impressed by it so far.

Its not just Faction models that are getting added. There is also some terrain.
This is the Hydrothermal Vents piece next to a 30mm base Heavy Soldier. Covered in crystals, tube worms and other sea life it will make a lovely addition to any underwater table. You can see the resin casts in the Giant Angler pictures at the top.

While not part of the Kickstarter, Antimatter have also designed some awesome Swim Stands to mark the different depth levels of the models. Created by Litko, they have a seaweed piece on the base to mark the level.

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Which of the underwater goodies do you like the look of the most?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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