Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pulp City Ace of Wraiths 2 Preview and Win a Ltd Ed Super Mini

The above picture is the new model for Ace of Wraiths from Pulp City. Due out next year in the new starter sets for Pulp City Supreme Edition.
This is the first of a few model updates on the way. Keep an eye out for Nuke 2 and Guerrilla 2 as well.

It is from the personal collection of Morf (creator of Pulp City) and was posted to celebrate the 100th member of the Citzens of Pulp City (link) Facebook fan group.
A great place to chat about anything Pulp City related, ask questions to the design team and other players post up your own models and games.

Although I like the current model (below) I think the new one is MUCH better.
You can find out more about Ace of Wraiths, and several other Pulp City Supremes >HERE<

Anybody fancy winning a limited edition Supreme model?
This is Doc Cosmos.
The character was created by Pulp Citizen and the model was sculpted by James Van Schaik
Leon (Pulp Citizen) had a handful of these cast up and is now giving away 3 on the Pulp Citizen Blog (link)
One is a random draw.
For the second you have to create stats for the model to be used in Pulp City.
The third you write up your own take on this model. Name, background etc.
The best entries for the second and third will win the mini.

These competitions run until Sunday Dec 2nd and you can find them all >HERE<

Good luck to all those who enter.

Check back here tomorrow for an update to the Paint the City Pink charity fundraiser.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I agree. The current model is much better indeed.

    Nice give away figure to!


    1. Both are impressive.
      If you like Ace '2', wait until you see Nuke 2 and Guerilla 2!


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