Saturday, 17 November 2012

Shadow Sea / Deep Wars Kickstarter in its Final Hours

The Shadow Sea / Deep wars Kickstarter (link) by Antimatter Games is in its final hours.

As I type they need to get $9,613 in the next 28 hours to make the funding limit. Sounds like a lot but this time yesterday they needed around $15,000!

To entice people in and get pledgers to raise their pledges they have added a couple of extras.

From the latest Update-
"To try to get some additional backers or to get those at lower levels to increase their pledge level, every Backer over $180 gets an additional 3 medium sized (30mm base) miniatures of their choice from any force. A large miniature (40mm or 50mm base) counts as 2 minis. Commanders not included.

Every Backer over $280 gets an additional 5 medium sized (30mm base) miniatures of their choice from any force. The same rules from above apply."

As well as the extra minis, they have added 3 Stretch Goals on the off chance they make it.

I LOVE the constructs and hope they get made soon.

If you want to take part and grab some of these stunning minis or rules for Shadow Sea or Deep Wars you can check out the Kickstarter project >>HERE<<

I hope to see you all soon on the sea floor.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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