Saturday, 26 February 2011

NCBB Windless Wastes Night 3, And 3000+

So thats Windless Wastes week 3 over at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics.
As usual all the info on the Shattered Ground leagues and live maps can be found here - Privateer Press Events

Last week left the standings like this
Col - Cryx - 43
Andy - Cygnar - 40
Steve - Cryx - 40
Cal - Minions - 31
Benn - Khador - 30
Ian - Mercenaries - 26
Claire - Menoth - 24
Rich - Khador - 24

Unfortunatly Rich and Claire couldnt make it this week. Which meant the games were only played between 6 of us.
After alot of games on the night the league ladder had upped in points dramaticaly

Col - Cryx - 69
Andy - Cygnar - 67
Steve - Cryx - 64
Cal - Minions - 52
Benn - Khador - 48
Ian - Mercenaries - 43
Rich - Khador - 24
Claire - Menoth - 24

Once all of the map points were counted and reported we had -
Icebrand Lakes - Minions 2, Cryx 2
Ulden Point - Cryx 1
Southeren Scarsfell - Cygnar 1
Thelborn - Mercs 3, Cygnar 1

The territories didnt change much but afew %s did.
Icebrand Lakes saw the gathering Minions stay in the lead and go from 19% to 20%
Ulden Point was still under Cryx control and they went from 28% to 29%
Souther Scarsfell was still under the strong grip of Cygnar. Going from 23% to 24%
Thelborn stayed controlled by the Legion of Everblight.
But my Merc Pirates had a slight inpact by keeping us in 3rd but gaining another 2%

Next week will be our last week now after deciding not to carry on after the international league has finished.
As a final night we will be having a visit from the national team at Rygas Roughnecks / Iron Kings in Exeter
This means the results could go anywhere on the last night.

More than likely we are going to see 1 of 2 Cryx forces or Cygnar win at our location.
Cygnar are also looking good for the worldwide win on the map aswell.

If that doesnt make Cygnar players happy then this might.
The new Storm Strider Battle Engine that has been preveiwed by PP this week.
Very Tesla looking if you ask me. Which is a great thing.
Could even tempt me to get an electric themed Cygnar army at some time.

And to finish off todays post, take a look at the bottom of the page.
Tales of a PP Press Ganger has just hit OVER 3000 VEIWS!!!!!!

And in celebration my wife has given me a nice little present.
Being a pirate obssesed wierdo I recieved this

I do love my wifey.
This will also come in handy on our Steampunk Voyage aboard Captain Nemos Nautilus in April that we will be going to.

Until next time people
May the dice gods smile upon you

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