Saturday, 12 February 2011

NCBB Windless Wastes - Night 1

Shattered Grounds : Windless Wastes is now here.
Its a map based, international league played at different venues with all the results entered online to determine control of the different territories and an overall winning Faction. The first of 4 over the year.
All info can be found here -Privateer Press Events

There is a backgound story for each league and 1 new model rules cards for each Faction each time.
Adding characters, Warjacks, Warbeasts and more out of the story to use.
All of this can be found in the above link.

At North Cornwall Beasts and Bioncis (our local club) we are running this as our first Shattered Grounds. I think its also the first SG league ever run in Cornwall aswell. Maybe even the south west UK.
For taking part you recieve a Battle Journal to track your wins and acomplishments.
These total up on a 'Strategems' page one by one to give you bonuses that can be used in game.
The more you get, the more options you have.
You also get a participation patch that builds up over the 4 month long events into a Cygnar rank symbol.

The overall winner of each location also gets thier hands on the league coin.
The Windless Wastes coin is the first one pictured below. And the back is the last one.
They are alot bigger than they look aswell. About the size of a Warjack or Warbeast base and quite heavy.

During the league there is a running points ladder for all the players. When a match is set, the lowest scoring player gets to choose which location on the map they will be fighting in. And the winner adds 1 point to thier Faction on the online map in that area.
Both players can choose an area controlled by thier Faction to have the force arrive from. This will also give them bonuses for that area. Be it +1WJ point, 1 free Merc model or a selection of other nice things.
As you may guess, the Faction with the most points at the time controls that area. And the final winner is the Faction that holds the most area.
All can be seen LIVE on the Privateer Events page. (click link)

Our NCBB Windless Wastes event has 8 players. And the randomised ladder started like this.
Andy - Cygnar
Cal - Minions
Steve - Cryx
Claire - Menoth
Col - Cryx
Me (Ian) - Mercs
Rich - Khador
Ben- Khador

Over the course of the night quite afew games were played. Each player gets points for playing a game and bonus points for winning.
The results of night 1s games ended like so -

Col - 18
Steve - 18
Andy - 16
Cal - 16
Ben - 12
Claire - 10
Ian - 10
Rich - 8

Being the event organiser I cant win the league or the coin. So to make things abit more interesting I gave any Bonus Win points back to my opponent. And I will do the same for each person I play.
The Merc Map points are mine though!!!!

The Map Points were then totaled up
Nyerek - Minions 1, Cygnar 2, Menoth 1, Cryx 1
Thelborn - Mercs 2
Ohk - Cygnar 1, Cryx 3

When added the map didnt change that much.
Nyerek still belonged to Menoth
Ohk was still under Cygnar control
But Thelborn had changed. Legion had control before I entered my points.
But then, Mercenaries took it!

It was only for afew hours until Legion claimed the area again but they wont stay there for long.
The best part though was that my own games actually made a visible difference to the map. People all over the world playing but a bloke down in Cornwall UK changed a result!

Thats all for now though people. Getting ready for night 2.

May the dice gods smile upon you.
And all your territory points be where you want them

Cheers all


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