Saturday, 19 February 2011

NCBB Windless Wastes - Night 2.......and stuff!

Right then,
We have now played night 2 of our Shattered Grounds: Windless Wastes league at North Cornwall Beasts and Bionics.
Full details of the league can be found here - Privateer Press Events

The current standings at the start of thie night were-
Col - Cryx - 18pts
Steve - Cryx - 18pts
Andy - Cygnar - 16pts
Cal - Minions, Blindwater Gators - 16pts
Benn - Khador - 12pts
Claire - Menoth - 10pts
Ian - Mercs, Talion Pirates - 10pts
Rich - Khador - 10pts

The new rules that had been put inplace (from the last blog post) worked really well. Everyone enjoyed them selves and got all of thier games in.

After 4 hours and 12 games the league table had shuffled a little. And the points shot up!
Night 2 results were-

Col - Cryx - 43pts
Andy - Cygnar - 40pts
Steve - Cryx - 40pts
Cal - Minions, Blindwater Gators - 31pts
Ben - Khador - 30pts
Ian - Mercs, Talion Pirates - 26pts
Claire - Menoth - 24pts
Rich - Khador - 24pts

This gave a nice amount of points to enter onto the league map here -

The map points were won for
Icebrand Lakes - Cryx 1
Nyerek - Cryx 3, Cygnar 2, Khador 1
Thelborn - Cryx 2, Mercs 1, Khador 1, Cygnar 1

Didnt make any major changes to who controlled which territories but it did change a couple of the %s for the scoring Factions.
Nyerek stayed under Protectorate control
Icebrand Lakes were still the tribal grounds of the Minions and
Thelborn was still being opressed by Everblight

So thats the results for night 2. Leaves us 3 nights left.
On March 3rd we are getting a league challenge from Rygas Roughnecks and the Iron Kings from Exeter.
Should be fun taking on a team that plays in international events.
And the plans are coming together for the THUNDERDOME game on the final night aswell.
A 6'x6' board with 8 players and a total of 24 Warcasters and Warlocks on the field at once!

Onto the other STUFF.

At the moment the Press Gang (me) will not be at the South West Model and Engineering Expo in Shepton Malet at the end of April. Due to costs that have arisen and just cant be covered. Were not told about these when applying for a stand so going to look into being there next year now we know more about it.
But we will be going all out at Legionary in Exeter on May 7th, the weekend after.

My own forces are growing!!!
The MercTalion Charter Pirates have gained some new recruits.
1 x Mangler, 2 x Mules and 2x Min Press Ganger Units

An the Minion Blindwater Congregation Gators have begun at last.
Bloody Barnabas, Calaban the Grave Walker, 1 Bull Snapper, Viktor Pendrake and a Totem hunter

Cant wait for it all to arrive. I need more things to build!

Thats all then, Im off to do some more painting. (Got lots to do)

Until next time ..... and stuff

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