Monday, 20 February 2017

More Marvel Leaks - Silver Surfer and Captain Marvel

The MUMG Leaks profile on Facebook has hit again over the weekend. This time with some Cosmic goodies in the form of Captain Marvel and Silver Surfer.

While these two never got models you could easily use the Ms Marvel from the Dark Avengers set and there are several Silver Surfers in the Heroclix range.

Again these are pretty damn close to the rules I was testing with KM a while back but look to be a bit more revised. I'd take these are official and final.

What do you think?
Good addition to your Cosmic forces?



  1. Adding new profiles unofficially like that is great, and a good way to complete the factions that never had a correct number of references (no more avengers for some time I guess)
    But it would be great to have matching models - the heroclix aren't the same scale, and they really look meh...

    1. It would have been nice to get official models.
      Some Clix are passable. But only just.

  2. great thanks for the uploading, now to seek for some proxies !


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