Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Marvel Rules for Doc Ock, Superior Spidey and Goblin Knight

Over the weekend, these 3 cards appeared online from a Facebook profile called MUMG Leaks.
Rules for the final 3 metal KM models that never got a Marvel game release.

While I probably shouldn't say this, these rules are almost identical to the ones I wrote for KM and was playtesting up to a couple of months ago. There are a couple of changes which makes me think these are update final rules.
Probably from an annoyed staff member. Or could it even be KM themselves leaking them out?

With no more releases from now on, these are as official as you are going to get.
Give them a try and see what you think.

If any more appear, I'll get them up here as well.



  1. Thanks! I had my Doc Oc painted for a while, now I can use him :)

    1. Mine had jumped to the front of the painting line.

  2. any idea about proxies to use with the game? i would love to take beast or iceman with my x men, with fan rules of course :)


  3. A friend told me that a post on facebook said something like MARVEL asked KM to up the releases and go faster , and KM wouldn't because they didn't want to joepardize their small size company by taking the leap that MARVEL asked. The good news would be that MARVEL actually wanted the game to exist, and might just be searching for a new manufacturer in the future. I want to believe in this rumor ...


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