Thursday, 5 January 2017

Knight Models December Releases - The Dynamic Duo, Black Adam, Lex Luthor and More

These are the releases from Knight Models for December. They are available for purchase now from retailers and online.

DC Universe Miniature Game Releases

Black Adam and Lex Luthor Warsuit are the first standalone models for DC Universe Miniatures since the Trinity Box Set release in November. At 16 points, Black Adam is naturally going to be compared to Superman and Hulk and from a brief look over his rules he look more than a match for them.

At 11 points, Lex Luthor Warsuit looks to be a fantastic leader of an Injustice League team.

Batman Miniature Game Releases

Some cool new additions to the Batman Miniature Game this month. Firstly a new Batman and Robin with some great rules for using the two of them together but both could definitely be taken alone.

A new villain sidekick for Black Mask's crew and a lesser known villain from Batman's back catalogue. It is really cool that Knight Models recognise these lesser known heroes and villians.

A nice box set to add to your Law Forces crew, especially if you don't fancy the same old police officers.

A great way of expanding your Mr Freeze crew, finally released in November, without buying the whole box set again.

A really handy kit for determining light and explosion radiuses. It's extra nice that they include a template for 30mm and 40mm bases.


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