Friday, 11 November 2016

Knight Models November Releases - BvS, Freeze, Flash Villain and More!

Knight Models have posted up a huge release for November. All sorts of goodies due for release from the 17th.

First up is the Batman vs Superman Trinity Starter for the DC Universe Minis Game. Coming in at 40 Lvls they will be great to face some of the Marvel Universe teams until more DC come along.

Next is something fans of the Batman Minis Game have wanted for a loooooooong time.
A very cool looking Mr Freeze starter from Arkham Knight. It even has a hockey stick henchman as a nod back to the best movie EVER, Batman and Robin!!!!

For fans of the CW Flash and Legends of Tomorrow series, there is Heatwave / Mick Rory and Captain Cold / Leonard Snart.
Heatwave is a general villain Free, as is Cold, but Cold can also be used as a Mr Freeze Sidekick. Maybe along side Killer Frost?
To top it off they also have the Teamwork rule between the two of them, as they should.

The Suicide Squad box gets new additions as well. Rick Flag to lead the Squad and a set of Q Workshop dice with Squad member themed faces.

Far almost as long as people have wanted Freeze, they have also wanted a Sidekick for Bane.
Now hes here in the form of Bird with a set of Mercs to aid him.

Below there are also a selection of tokens, counters and templates for your new goodies.

So, what do you think of this release?
Which ones stand out for you?


  1. A surprisingly large set of releases. Lots of good stuff. I'm most excited about the Trinity set and Mr Freeze, but will likely pick them all up.

    1. Yeah, it's an impressive lot.
      Trinity and CW minis for me I think. But that Freeze set is tempting.


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