Thursday, 3 November 2016

DC Universe Miniatures Game Preview

Hey there folks.

For those that may have the Suicide Squad box already, you would have seen a DC Trinity picture in there advertising the upcoming DC Universe Miniatures Game from Knight Models.

No more was know about it....... until today!

Here is the first rules preview for the game.

Kal-EL, Superman, Henry Cavill.
You may recognize the card layout from the Marvel Game. Well that's because they will be running on the same rules!

What do you think of the first look?
Will you be picking it up?

More news soon.....

- Hendybadger


  1. Well this is pretty darn exciting! Hopefully they're a little better at looping in previously released minis (there are a lot of heroes in the Batman game that need to be seen in a DC battle).

    Maybe Lobo will finally get powered up properly and start fragging some bastiches.

    1. I'm sure at least a few of the older minis will cross over.

  2. What's the word on release date?

  3. Interesting. Rumormill has it that they weren't allowed to do that. I guess they must've made a new deal with Marvel and/or DC.

    1. Rumour they weren't allowed to make a DC Supers game?
      Where did that come from?

    2. The rumor was that the rules had to be different than the Marvel one.

    3. Not heard that one before.

      There will be some rules that only appear in one side or the other, but the core rules are the same.

  4. Granted that the rules will be compatible, any idea if the systems will be balanced/tested against each other?

    Hopefully we'll be able to get a Justice League vs Avengers throw down!


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