Friday, 13 May 2016

Avengers and Guardians Board for Marvel

I have finally had the chance to pick up a couple of bits to finish off my multi use Marvel board.
Some sprays to match the GF9 rocks, more GF9 rocks and some textured paint.

This was a combination of 3 different Army Painter sprays on top of some masonry textured paint. I wanted a darker edge and light middle. Came out quite well I think.
Well, on the second attempt after I was too quick the first time and scratched up one side before it dried.

Everything in place for the Guardians of the Galaxy scenario 'Relics'. Including the Hasbro Milano.
Makes an ideal alien planet or maybe the first Starlord scene from the movie.

A mix up for the Avengers scenario 'Control the Energy Pillars'. Lots to throw, hide behind and zoom around. Maybe a scene from Wakanda or the mines of the Savage Land?

Next up I'm waiting for some Sentinel bits to arrive from the old Marvel Legends action figures.
A head, torso, hand, arm and two feet. These will be replacing the ships for a Genosha or even Limbo setting.

I now most people think of city settings for Superhero games but for this I wanted something different.
I already have around 4 boards in that style. Small buildings, large buildings, industrial and Arkham.
All made for Batman but perfectly usable for Marvel as well.


- Hendybadger


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