Friday, 6 May 2016

Exclusive - Speed Force Paradoxes in the Batman Mini Game

Last week on the blog we had a great Speed Force preview from Knight Models. You can check it out HERE.
Today we get a look at the next part of the Speed Force. Paradoxes!
(Click images to view in full size)

When a model uses a Speed Power that includes a Paradox value, they must roll a dice.
If the result equals or beats the value in the Power, they must immediately roll 2D6 on the Paradox table below.

The resulting effect on the Paradox table is applied straight away and if the Speedster survives, the Speed Power they were trying to use fails, losing any Speed counters spent and activation passes to the next Speedster or next game phase if they are no more Speedster to spend Power.

There are a lot of interesting effects there like Yesterday Again? or What Happened? but i think the two to really watch out for are the 2 and 12 results.
2 removes the Speedster from the game an 12 means the Black Flash chases them down.

How does the Black Flash work? Well, with books shipping any day now I'm sure we will find out soon.

What do you think of thes Paradox Effects?
Will you be taking the risk? Or keeping your Speedsters to the lower Powers?

- Hendybadger


  1. Don't know much about gaming but I do like the figures in that picture!


    1. If you want to know any more, feel free to ask here.

  2. This months releases have been delayed a week as far as I've been told, or at least from my online retailer.

    But I want my Black Flash nowwwwwwww....


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