Monday, 2 November 2015

Batman Minis - ToaTS One Time Offer

Hi folks,
As you may have read, we went to Devcon Exe this weekend to demo the Batman Mini Game and sell some minis for the first time.

This is how we turned up.

The event went really well and loads of people were interested in the game. Several picking up starter crews and models of their favourite characters.
At the end of the day though, we still had a box of stock left.
As the next event isn't until Feb, I thought it would be good to offer up what we have left to the ToaTS readers at the same bargain intro price we had at the con.

The current list is-

£27 each
BMG Rulebook x2
£20 each
Blackgate Prisoners 1
Joker Crew x2
£10 each
Arkham Warning Signs
Talia al Ghul (Comic)
Penguin Gotham x2
Bane DKR
Harley Quinn A City x2
Harley Quinn Comic x2
Deadshot x2
Batman Arkham Knight
Robin A City
Arrow TV
Red Hood Comic
Black Canary
Damien Wayne x2
Speedy x2

Prices don't include postage. But will include Batman stickers!
If there is anything you would like you can comment here, email me at or find me on Facebook. Ian Henderson with the profile picture of us in cosplay as shown above.

- Hendybadger

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