Friday, 30 October 2015

HUGE Knight Models Update. New Site, Batman Releases, HD Rules, Marvel News, Crew Builder and more!

WOW! It's a massive amount of Knight models news today.
A brand new website with HD rules cards, models listed by crew and more.

First up is the Arkham Knight Batmobile. The first resin model in the KM Legends range.

Next we have the huge and stunning Arkham Asylum. This MDF kit is an entire board on it's own.

How about some Joker and Harley goodies? The Killing Joke Joker is a new Leader and a very nice model while the Harley Gatling Brute brings some serious firepower to the crew.
You can even see a couple of yet unreleased Harley Thugs at the back of this picture. Next month maybe?

Two Face is getting a very nice boost this month. Spice and Thugs give the crew another Sidekick, Gas Masks, Rocket Launcher, Assault Carbine and more!

Are you more of a Scarecrow fan? He gets a set of very nice tokens as well as an Arkham Knight Militia booster of Medic and Rocket Launcher.

Do you miss the Bat-Builder? Well KM are here to help with the new Hero Builder Batman Crew Builder.

Last but not least, these are the first 4 factions for the 'coming soon' Marvel Game.

What catches your eye the most this week?

- Hendybadger


  1. It will be interesting to see who the sidekicks/henchmen are for the Spiderman faction and the Goblin cult. The new site is much improved.

    1. As the bad guys are the Goblin Nation, I'm wondering if we will get an Otto Superior Spidey?


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