Monday, 2 February 2015

Batman Model Review - Batwoman + Joker Gas Objectives

The first Knight Models review this week covers a new member of the Bat Family and a new crew specific objective.
Kathy Kane a.k.a Batwoman and some Joker Gas canisters.

The models are packed in the usual KM packing. Clear blisters with foam holding the parts in tightly and a backing card which shows a painted version of the minis inside and doubles up as a stat card.

Inside the blisters you will find 3 35mm scale, highly detailed metal models, 3 30mm plastic bases and 2 stat cards.

Batwoman is a 95 Rep Sidekick for the Batman crew and the new Law Forces. Her stats are average for this type of character and she packs 2 Stun Damage weapons. Medium Range, remote controlled Batarangs and Shock Gloves with the Crit Shock ability.
Her Traits include Bat-Armour Mk1, a Batclaw, Detective, Night Vision, Searcher, Stealth and Technique. Looks like she will be quite good at sneaking around and dropping in to take out unexpecting opponents.
Batwoman also has a new Special Trait. Criminology removes Runaway from all enemy characters within 30cm.

The Joker Gas Objectives are a new option for the Joker crew. These can be taken in place of one of the usual 3 objectives you are allowed to pick.
If you do pic these you get 2 canisters that can be placed with the usual objective rules. They give 1VP to the owner if they control it. But, any model activating within 5cm needs to pass a Willpower roll or suffer 1 Blood Damage. Is it worth the risk?

Batwoman comes in four parts. Main body, right leg, right arm with Batarang and head.
The Joker Gas is a single piece.

As you can see on the close up, Batwoman barely has any mould lines at all and was very easy to clean up.
The Joker Gas has a small line running over the outer edge but it only took a minute to remove with a small file.
Time for glue.....

Building both of these was very simple. I have also removed the base tabs and mounted them on Post Apoc base toppers from Fenris Game to match the rest of my collection.
Batwomans parts fitted together perfectly. A tiny bit of filler may be needed on the neck joint but the others are fine.
Do watch out with the arm and legs joints though. The limbs are very thin so it may be worth using a very small pin or a little green stuff if you expect you models to be handled a lot.

The Joker gas was just stick it to the base. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that the canister was plain as the painted image makes it look like the face is part of the sculpt. I also thought it was quite large but I have been informed that this is the size they are in the game.

If you are looking to use Batwoman, it would be worth taking her in a Batman crew for now until Law gets a few more releases.
A possible list could be-

Batman (Origins) - 144 Rep
Batwoman - 95 Rep
Robin (Drake) - 68 Rep - $200
Agent Ron - 25 Rep - $300
Police with Baton - 16 Rep

This gives you a crew of 348 Rep and $500 leaving you $1000 to gets some extra equipment for your police.
The models comes in at around £12 which I don't think is too bad for a character model. Especially seeing its a large scale and licensed.

The Joker Gas objectives don't have a Rep or $$$ cost but I think they are worth taking as one of your three choices. I know they cause damage but it seems very 'Joker' to me. Using whatever or whoever he needs, even if they suffer so he can win.
The pack comes in at around £6 for two canisters. I would have preferred the image sculpted on but it's not a bad price at all to keep with the theme of your crew.

Overall, I like both of these but I do have a favourite.

Joker Gas - 7/10 Badger Points

Batwoman - 9/10 Badger Points

Will you be picking up either of these recent releases?

Next up, a pair of Intergalactic Bastiches!

- Hendybadger


  1. I like the Batwoman sculpt quite a bit, but as you said, the canisters are rather disappointing. I haven't ordered any Joker gang stuff yet; I'd likely make my own canister objectives over buying those. If there was sculpted detail on them like shown in the picture they would be far more appealing.

  2. Just wondering about the Gas Canisters as I have yet to read their specific rules but - In order to 'control' an Objective a model has to be in base contact with it. I believe that you get the VP if you are in 'control'. The character then has the choice to 'manipulate' the objective which would trigger the effect of the Objective i.e. Titan dose / Ammo clip. Is it the same for the Gas i.e. you have the choice? This could be useful if a member of the Joker crew was being chased down by some henchmen.

    1. The canisters automatically work when a models actives near them.
      A lone model could draw enemies in but he might be lost as well.


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