Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Batman Miniatures Game Scenery Preview - Wayne and Queen Boxes and Containers

Another new (and somewhat unexpected) preview has hit our inbox from the guys at Knight Models.
The start of their Gotham Scenography range of terrain and buildings.

We know the Arkham Asylum building is on the way soon, but the first releases will be these Boxes and Containers.

The packs either contain 2 shipping containers or 4 boxs in 2 different sizes.
Each will also have Wayne Enterprises and Queen Industries cut into the pieces as shown in the images above.

For those that may not know, Wayne Enterprises is Bruce Wayne / Batman's company based in Gotham and Queen Industries is Oliver Queen / Green Arrows company in Star City. (Arrow fans will know it instead as Queen Consolidated in Starling City) Both are involved in a lot of different projects and businesses so seeing these crates in either city is to be expected.
Or, you could always use half of each pack to theme your board depending on if you are using Green Arrow or Batman to lead your crew. With the logos on them they will be a great way to turn any gaming board into a well known DC universe location for your Batman games.

As these are in DMF (I think that's MDF in the UK) they will be very sturdy and solid pieces that once glued will not damage easily and take paint fairly well.
Can't wait to get my hands on some and try them out. I'm already trying to work out how many I want around the board. Only last week I mentioned that I needed more low level terrain.

I don't have any exact info on sizes, pricing or release date at the moment but I will post it up as soon as I find out.

Do you like the look of them?
Will your own city be shipping in goods from Gotham and Star City?

- Hendybadger

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