Friday, 10 October 2014

Knight Models Exclusive Preview - The Huntress!

The awesome guys over at Knight Models have just sent us a fantastic preview for the Batman Miniature Game.

Helena Bertinelli a.k.a The Huntress!
A member of the 'Bat Family' and Birds of Prey in the comics and a student turned bad if you are a fan of Arrow.

They say a picture says a thousand words so lets get right to the model.

She looks dangerous and really looks like she means business. But, what is she like in the game?
Well, we just happen to have her rules as well!

Huntress is a Free Agent for Batman and Green Arrow. You can take 1 Free Agent for each 150 Reputation (points) in your Crew and she already looks like a very good option.
Coming in at only 66 Rep shes a great choice while still leaving room for others.
The $100 funding cost that comes out of your $500 per 150 Rep means a couple less goodies for the goons but she brings a lot for that price.

The Hand Crossbow has you hitting on a 3+ at anywhere up to 40cm range. If that lands, 2 Blood damage can really slow your opponents down and make them consider getting out of her way. It's only got Ammo 2 though so you will want to be picky with your targets.

Rapid Fire gives you a +1 Rate of Fire even when moving so Huntress can get into position and still take down a dangerous target. Combine this with her Acrobat movement bonus (which gives the Dodge Trait vs ranged attacks), Distract taking 1 off off the targets Defence and Stealth meaning she can't be seen in the dark until the opponent is 20cm away and you get a killer assassin that is hard to hit back at a distance.

If they do close in, Huntress isn't helpless. The Bo lets her attack enemies up to 3cm away and reroll her Impact Hits for 1 Stun damage. Martial Artist means Huntress can't be outnumbered in combat and Runaway stops her from getting Arrested.

So, what do you think of Helena a.k.a Huntress? Will she be joining Batman or Green Arrow for you?

- Hendybadger

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