Friday, 7 February 2014

The Pulp City Kickstarter is live ...... and its a MASSIVE success.

WIP of new book cover

As a lot of you know, I am  HUGE Pulp City fan and have been for quite a while.
How could I not be a fan of a game packed full of Super Heroes, Villains, Aliens, Robots, Monsters, Apes and more?
This meant that when the news came out about a PC Kickstarter, I was over the moon.

Now its here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The project started with a $10K goal and a 30 day time scale. But, the $10K was reached in under 2 hours of the KS going live!
Over the next few days they just hit stretch goal after stretch goal with several freebies and discounted paid add-ons being unlocked.
As I type this, the Pulp City Kickstarter is now just under a massive $60K with 22 days still to go.

Lets have a look at what is available in the 'sweet spot' Supreme pledge of $90 which started with 7 minis and the book only.

Now the 'Supreme' level has more than double the number of minis it started with, as well as more cards, Monster rules and more.
Plus IT'S GOT HOVER CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the above image you can see how well the models translate from artwork to sculpt with the side by side images of the Grimmsham KS Exclusive mini (He wil also be getting a non-exclusive sculpt after)

Below is one of the stretch goal unlocks. The level 3 Powerhouse, Soul Golem, for the Necroplane faction.
Work has already started on this and many other unlocks. Even with 3 weeks of the project left.

Grimmsham isnt the only exclusive mini. The new Grimm faction have a 5 model Minion packs that includes a bonus 'dragonfly' mini in woolen hat! After the KS the pack will still come with the other 4 models, but this little guy will be like 'a leaf on the wind'.

Not-Jayne isnt the only pop culture inspired mini. Recognize who this little Grimm has styled himself after? I hear he has a 'magnetic' personality as well. 

After the Grimm stretch goals, the Kickstarter moved onto new Powerhouse Supremes for the current factions. Above you can see the Yeti for the Jade Cult (also a freelancer), LOA for the Coven and Tomcat for Heavy Metal

Once the Powerhouse models were available, it was time to fill out the Factions with some extra Supremes and even adding a new Faction selection or 2.
A few of these are MOD for Heavy Metal, Youngblood for Blood Watch, White Tiger for the (new) Way of Fist and Blade and maybe the greatest named Supreme ever, Ba-BOOM for ARC!

There are still several hidden goals and unlocks to come.
Head over to the PC Kickstarter Page and take a guess at what they might be.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!


  1. I have almost all of the original line of figures, but have sadly only played the game once. I went in for the $90 pledge but by the time I add cards and extras I know it'll be a lot more. :)

    1. The new rules are really worth it.
      A smoother, faster game with a lot more action


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