Monday, 24 February 2014

Bun-Bun, Sluggy and Pulp City Join Forces

Sluggy Freelance is an online webcomic site that has been going for years with 1000s of fans.
Recently, they found the Pulp City Kickstarter and loved it. Time for some classic comic cross-over fun!

From the Sluggy site - 
"THIS JUST IN!- So after contacting the Pulp Monsters guys they contacted me back interested in a cross promotion. Their kickstarter freebees are a team of Villains called The Grimm, lead by John Grimsham, and they feel like a cross between gremlins and mole-men, but with Super Powers. So I said "What about a grimm in a Bun-bun costume with an oversized switchblade? You can call him Grimmbun-bun!" I spent 10 minutes on a colored sketch of what popped in my head and now its a new free Stetch Goal! Its a long road to go and short time to make the stretch goal, but I think it, and Pulp City are nifty."

From the Pulp City Update -
"When Pete Abrams contacted us about a cross promotion I admit I geeked out a bit. As a Sluggy fan from way back I knew Pete would just "get" Pulp City. So we discussed how to make things work and this was what we came up with. So if we can end the Kickstarter above $100,000 we will give all our Supreme Level or higher backers a free Grimmbun-bun.
The Grimm are highly susceptible to pop culture influences. When they find something the really love they tend to take on characteristics of that thing. Thus the strange and varied nature of the Grimms. When Grimmbun-bun discovered the web comic Sluggy Freelance he was doomed to wear a bunny suit. We aren't sure what he will become but we could be looking at Pulp City's first Level 1 Powerhouse!"

This all sounds fantastic! Grimmbun-bun has been born!

The pledge this scary little guy comes with is the 'Supreme' level. The sweet spot of the PC Kickstarter

This level stared with just the rulebook and 7 models for $90. After a load of stretch goals and backers its now got everything shown above. That's now NINETEEN models and all the extras for the same price!
There are still a couple of locked models as well. These will be added for free at $85K, 500 backers and the Grimmbun-bun at $100K taking the total to 21 minis. If things go further there could be even more!

You don't have long though. The Pulp City Kickstarter ends this Saturday!

Head over and see what you think then let us know here in the comments.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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