Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Pulp City KS in its Last 100 Hours! Don't Miss Out!

The Pulp City Kickstarter is in its last 100 hours and they are pulling out all the stops!
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First up is a final sculpt of the new Powerhouse Amok for the Way of Fist and Blade faction.

Think he looks big? Check him out next to the other new Powerhouses and a normal sized Sister Bedlam mini.

The Pulp City team have also added a couple of things that several backers have been asking for over the course of the project.
How about some stunning Q Workshop Hero and Villain dice?

Another thing backers have wanted is the option to 'cherry pick' their own teams outside of the current unlocks and value packs. With this in mind they have added a FULL add-on list of EVERYTHING in the PC range!
You can find it >HERE<
The list includes some nice teasers for current and upcoming locked stretch goals like RoboChimp, SymbioGrimm, Lady in Red, Stygian in 2 forms, Mr.Kraken, Phalanx, Mecha Spartans and Scarab.

You may be thinking "Why should I pledge now and not wait for release?"
Well, what about the 4 awesome exclusives and limited editions?

John Grimmsham is a new lvl3 Leader for the Grimm and only available during the Kickstarter. He is included in every Supreme level pledge. The 'sweet spot' level that has gone from 7 to 19 models already!

Another Grimm exclusive is the 'Dragonfly' model as an added extra to the Grimminions pack.
No kickstarter is complete without a certain reference. Shiny!

The PC team are so pleased with the support shown for this project that they have offered up a special model.  The Herald! He has only been available before to those that promote Pulp City and go above and beyond in support of the game. Never for sale before and never for sale again!

Finally there is the rarest and most wanted PC mini of all time. The Red Baron!
I have seen this figure sell for over £100 on eBay before as only a few were ever made.
One will be included in each 'Collectors' pledge. $600 for over $1200 worth of goodies and the Baron!

What are you waiting for? Head over and check out the best 'supers' game on the market and don't miss out!
Even if you just pledge $1, it helps unlock more goodies for everyone.
The Pulp City Kickstarter is really going to be one to watch over these last couple of days.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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