Monday 8 October 2012

Paint the City Pink Prizes - Pulp Monsters, Amazing Wonders + Fat Dragon

The second post looking closer at some of the prizes for the Paint the City Pink Charity Fundraiser (< link)
Have you started painting your entries yet?
I would like to say, once again, a massive thank you to these companies from donating such great prizes for the cause.

The first prize to see today is an amazing one.

3 UNRELEASED Reaver Lords models from Pulp Monsters
The Shadow Prince, Death Girl and the still unseen Marike

If the shadow Prince sculpt is anything to go by, the others will be just as stunning!

Next up is a nice big selection of Pulp City minis from Amazing Wonders Hobby Centre
Iron Train, Solar, Ace of Wraiths, Androida, Guerilla, Gentleman + Hellsmith

Soooo much you could do with these minis. Not just play Pulp City, they could fit into a lot of games.

Finally for today is possibly one the the biggest donations. Well that depends on how you build it anyway.

 10, yes TEN, copies of the Fat Dragon Capital City Terrain Set

The prizes just keep getting better and better don't they?
Check out the Paint the City Pink post for full details.

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

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