Tuesday, 3 April 2012

And the winner is................ (+ Win a Krull at Frontline Gamer)

After a a great burst in followers, and help from my fellow bloggers for getting the word out, the winner of the Level 3 Pulp City Jade Cult villain teams is..........................

Randomly selected from the followers list, RSpears192 is a follower of many a gaming blog.
To claim your prize please contact me at the email link to the right>>>>>>

Congratulations RSpears!!!!!!!

(Winner has 1 week from today , April 3rd, to claim the prize or a new name will be drawn)

Don't forget to check out the free PDF rules and other Supremes available on the Pulp City Website 

For those that didn't win, there will be more giveaways and competitions in the near future on ToaTS so keep an eye out for them and head over to another followers giveaway at The Frontline Gamer to win an awesome Krull from Bane Legions!

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Huzzah.

    Can I be the first to congratulate RSpears192 on his fortunate win. Well done that man!!!

    Also I'd like to say it was a pleasure to be able to help promote your Blog matey. :)

    1. Thanks again Frontline.
      Check the post for a little edit to return the favour.

  2. Oh, that's very cool. Thank you very much. But, since I don't do Pulp gaming, how about passing this excellent prize to the runner-up? I'd rather someone who plays Pulp City had this beautiful mini.

    1. You see, now that's why I love our hobby. I think I'd be the same. I loves me some free stuff but if I felt someone would make better use of it, I'd probably ask that it go to a better home to. Top man!!! :P

    2. You are a star and a gent LuckyJoe.
      I have made thw draw again and the new winner is Darth Tater. And I know he plays PC so thats great!

      I had the same myself a while back. Won a stunning painted Nurgle Lord. That then went to a good friend with a Chaos force who was soo pleased to have it.

    3. You are a gent sir! I am definitely happy and pleased to be getting these guys! :)

  3. Well grats for winning anyway and mighty decent of you to pass to a pc player

  4. Congratulations and very gracious there Luckyjoe. :)

    And well done to Hendybadger for running this competition. :)


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