Friday, 13 April 2012

Amazing Heroclix Marvel Colossals!

I dont usualy cover , or even follow, Heroclix news. But when I spotted the new Galatic Guardians Colossals I had to find out more!

Above are the new 6 huge figures.
Back - Giganto, Ziran the Tester, Galactus
Front - Dormammu, Uato the Watcher, Sentinel Master Mold

Even if you dont play Heroclix these would look great in any Marvel figure collection or in any game you want a huge enemy.
Grabbing a couple of these myself for the soon to appear Pulp City Monster rules.

How can you say no to Galactus, Destroyer of Worlds or even a mighty Celestial?

For a better idea of the scale of these things, check out the below pic of Dormammu with Mindless ones (roughly 25-28mm minis)

You can see more pics of these and all the other minis available in the Galactic Guardians range at

What do you think of them?
Which is your favourite?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Been playing wizkids games since the very first release of mage knight rebellion. The newest colossals are great. Dormammu and the watcher actually come in the same box too. As sets go GG is great, maybe the best yet. I just wanted to let you know the colossals aren't a new thing. Are you aware of the older sentinels, Holocaust, Onslaught, frost giants, Galactis, Fin Fang Foom and great Chthulu? and then of course the HUGE one from Halo.

    1. I have the 3 Sentinels and have been keeping an eye out for an original Galactus and Fin Fang Foom.
      Dont play Heroclix myself (yet) but got an ever growing tabletop mini heros collection and these will fit in perfectly

    2. Theres 5 sentinel variations now. I know my shops got FF discounted cheap, but the glactus(either version) never sold for less than 75$ I think Nemesis is still the best looking colossal, I'm thinking of getting more to use as Dreadnoughts in 40k

    3. 5 Sentinels?
      I have the first 'cartoony' one, MkII and MkV.
      What are they other 2?

      Whats FF going for?

  2. Secretly, I still want to track down the Fin Fang Foom with the pants.

    1. I have spotted it on ebay before but it didnt go cheap


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