Saturday, 22 January 2011

Demos, Events, 'The Project!' and more ...

Me again.
Been a while but Ive been quite busy. Work. life and PAINTING! Yes me. Ive been painting!

Demos and Events
Today was the demo day at Mad for Miniatures in St.Austell, Cornwall.
Andrew and myself arrived aorund 9.30 to set up. Had 1 large table and an official demo table to play with.
A display was set up on the demo table with a selection of minis to showcase the sort of things Privateer makes.
The main table was then split in 2 with scenery. Warmachine on one side and Hordes on the other.
Khador v Cryx and Circle v Legion
Steve and a couple of other local club members arrived to help out and we were ready to go.
There was alot of interest early on. With 7 or 8 people asking to watch a couple of games and then wanting to give it a try. This pace kept going and before I knew it almost 3 hours had passed.
Afew of the younger players had to head of at this time but thier places were taken from members of the Truro TAGS gaming club and the fun kept going.
Matt, a local to the store, enjoyed his games so much he headed stright for the PP shelves and picked up a Khador starter. And Luke, another local, grabbed himself a couple of Cryx Casters.
The demos were obviously having a great effect on PP interest.
We were then joined by another club goer and his kids which picked up Hordes in no time and went off to see what they liked the most.
After around 5 hours we called it a day. Both ourselves, the store owners and the gamers were all very happy with the day and very thankful for all the gaming.
All in all, It went amazingly well!
Very sure we will be doing it again soon.

The TAGS members were also interested in another demo night after thiers in Jan. Today and the TAGS demos drummed up some interest with the members and date in March will be set for another run so people can give it another go.

PAW 2011 is only a couple of weeks away now and the boards are almost ready. Models all set to go and the excitement is building. Not run anything at an event that big yet. Cant wait for it though.

The Legionary convention run by Rygas Roughnecks contacted me this week. Looks like Im refing a Steamroller there now. These events keep getting bigger!

Shattered Grounds : Windless Wastes is almost upon us aswell.
NCBB will be having the first season of the year with 8 players registered so far and the final event is already being planned. Even ordered a second Mariner to use as a Navigator for the season.
The story is great and I want to run Fiona and her pair if Navigators like mentioned.
A 'beach landing' board is planned aswell. Half water and half beach. Time for some Amphibious fun!
Just have to finish of the landing boat so it fits in with the models. Still a bright toy at the moment.

A couple of fellow PGs have developed a fun little tournament style aswell. Imaging  unlocking acheivments on XBox games and then imagine doing it by completing goals in games of Warmachine and Hordes.
Sound fun? It will be!
Planned for the near future at NCBB.

To finish of the events section, there is some news on a new convention.
Cornwall Games Day will be making its first appearance on Sat 15th Oct 2011.
I will post more news of this as it happens.

'The Project'
Ever since I read the story in Forces of Warmachine: Pirates of the Broken Coast I had a vision.
A 2 ship game board that included the Talion and the Atrementous with thier repective crews exchanging blows.
I have a Mercs Pirate force Im building already. Around 70pts. So theres a start.
Then I had a prezzie from my lovely wife. 17pts of Undead Cryx Pirates. Yay! Second force started.
The final board will inclund 2 4x2 boards both containing a pirate ship. One fast and dangerous steam paddle ship and one glowing, undead and flaming Dirgenmast. Hitting each other side by side with both crews being able to use them as a fully playable game board.
Hoping to have it ready for Cornwall GD in October

Retibution Battle Engine
To finish off todys post there is no better way than to show the Retribution Battle Engine that Privateer Press have shown.

I love it. Its stunning. And it makes me want my Retribution army back. Looks like I know whats on my 'to get' lists next.

Thats all for now.
May the dice gods smile on your games. And turn all your 1s into 6s.

Cheers for now


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