Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Then, The Now and The Soon....

Its 2011 and Im back.
Apologies for the lack of posting recentlly but it has been a very busy holiday season. But thats all out of the way now.
"So,whats that title all about?"
In todays post Im going for abit of an overall look at whats happened in the last year, happening at the moment and whats planned for the near future.

The Then (2010)

Last year was a very interesting one.
Myself, my wife and a friend started the year off by creating a regular gaming club in a place that had never had one before. And then managed to join the GCN aswell.
We now have an average of 12-14 regulars every week and leagues, trips and more under our belts.

Then we found Privateer Press. Yay!
I started off with abit of Khador and some Retribution for Warmachine. I then found the Talion Charter Pirates. As you can see from my profile pic Im abit of a pirate freak as it is. So this were the obvious choice for me. And have been growing and great fun ever since.
Over the course of afew months we got a little PP community up and running. There are atleast 10 players at our club now. And a some others that are starting to look into the games.
We have also had visits to and from other clubs in the county that have PP players.
The South West PP community can be found on facebook.
Here - SWMH Group
And Here - SWMH Page

My latest army project has been Blindwater Congregation Minions. I was always a fan of the random, wierd and wonderful Minions. Then they put them all in a force together. That was my first Hordes faction chosen.

At the end of November I became a Press Ganger. I found a game I loved and now I can help both the game and the others players.
A couple of weeks later I ran my first Warmachine Demo night at TAGS gaming club. Went really well and there are now some people there that want to learn more, get more and play more.

To end the year I convinced the local hobby store 'Mad for Miniatures' to pick up and sell Privateer Press products. Its already going very well and there are even new players starting due to MfM having the models on the shelves.

The Now

As for the now, I got some new toys over the holidays.
Start of a Khador force
Start of a Legion of Everblight force
Grind box set
Monsterpocalypse 2player box set
Talion Charter Warjacks
Lots of new toys and lots of fun to be had. I will post pics and such as I work on them.
Its not all here yet. Damn UK post. Should have the last bits tomorrow though.

And tonight. The table beside the sofa. 3 Jacks, 2 Beasts and a Caster on it.
BANG! Top snapped off. All models and paints all over the floor. Thats not fun!
Where did this bit go?
Oh well, the wonders of clippers and super glue fix all.

On a personnal, non gaming, note. Lost my Gecko 'Bosun' yesterday. Wasnt well and had to be put down.
Then out of the blue was a call. Some friends are moving into a smaller flat and dont have room for thier pet 'George'. Wanted to know if we knew anyone that could rehome him. We could!
Picking up George the Bearded Dragon and full set up tomorrow.

And finally

The Soon

Theres alot of great plans for this year. From myself and from Privateer Press.

Warmachinre: Wrath will be arriving in June. The first expansion to the amazing Mk2.
Quite afew new models have been previewed on the PP site already. But theres alot more to come.
The 2 big changes at the moment are Faction Mercs Unit Attatchments.
A Khador , for example. charachter that can be added to a Mercenary unit and give them certain advantages. There are 3 so far. Khador, Menoth and Cygnar. All can be seen on the PP site.

The BIGGEST change is in the Battle Engines.
All 5 main WM Factions will be getting one each. 120mm bases each!
The first Model Shown is the Khador Gun Carriage.

And just to show how big it is compared to everything else

With the start of a Khador army now I am definatly going to be getting one of these.
The others are being shown day by day on Privateer Insider on the main site.
But only the artwork for now.
Cryx Wraith Engine

Love it. Like some twisted Giger inspired creature. And this will be on the same size base as the others. 120mm. Its going to be huge!
Already planning a Cryx force so I can get one. A Pirate Cryx force ofcourse.

And todays addition
Retribution Arcantric Force Generator and new Battle Mages

This could easily draw me back to the retribution. Rahn force I think. I do love the magic slinging angry elves.
There are still the Cygnar and Menoth Battle Engines to be shown.
No rules are known for any of the Wrath models yet. But I dont care. The models and art look amazing.

The Press Gang plans for this year are looking good aswell.
I will be runnign a Demo day at Mad for Miniatures on Jan 22nd. Hope it goes well and I will report all back here.
I will also be running demos at 3 big gaming conventions.
PAW 2011 in Feb
South West Model Expo in April and
Legionnary in May.
All will be reported on here. With pictures and everything!

A Breast Cancer Brawl Steamroller charity tournament is in the owrks aswell.
It will be at the Poldark Inn, Delabole, Cornwall.
March 26th.
16 places available and the sign ups will be open by the end of this month.
Lots of great prizes, a Think Pink model auction and hopefully ALOT of money raised for Breast Cancer Awareness.

To finish off, Im currently contacting alot of other clubs and stores in the South West. Trying as hard as possible to grow the game everywhere I can.

Thats all for now I think. Unless anyone has ideas for converting Pirate Jacks that is.

Thats all for now I think.

P.S. Anyone got any good ideas for converting Pirate Jacks?


  1. As in Jacks to Pirates or The Pirate jacks?

    Looking forward to this blog and what you do over the coming months... So excited for Wrath as well!

  2. Making Merc Jacks into Pirate Merc Jacks.
    Wrath is going to be great. Cant wait for it.
    All will be reported on here


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