Tuesday, 23 August 2016

New Marvel Minis - Dark Avengers, Dr Doom and the Thing

Knight Models have just released a new wave of minis for the Marvel Universe game and they look amazing.

First up is the team box for the Dark Avengers. The first 40 Lvl box set contains -

Iron Patriot (Norman Osbourne). The former Green Goblin is a Lvl 7 evil version of Ironman. Packed with Repulsors and even a Tactical Missile.

Ms Marvel (Karla Sofen). Formally Moonstone, Ms Marvel is a Lvl 7 Villain with a lot of ranged energy attacks and the power to become intangible.

Ares, the God of War. Ares is a Lvl 10 Neutral Superhuman so he can even head off and join the Avengers. A beast in close combat with a Supernatural axe attack and he can increase the Attack value of everyone around him.

The Sentry, also the Void. Robert Reynolds is one of the most powerful people in the universe. He is a Lvl 16 Villain that even damages fellow team mates with the Void if they get too close. But, he can throw out a LOT of damage and comes back again after he is killed.

Next is Ben Grimm, the Thing.
Being a member of many teams, the Thing is a Lvl 7 Cosmic and Super Hero. Built like an absolute tank, the Thing can take and dish out a lot of damage.

Finally we have Dr Doom. Sorry, DOOM!!!!!!!!
A Lvl 11 Neutral model for Cosmic and Super teams. He mixes science and magic for attacks and defence. But he doesn't play well with others so anyone close to him can't use Overloads.

What do you think of this months releases?

Can't wait to get the Sentry on the table.

- Hendybadger


  1. I like Ares a lot :) bodyguard with regen. Masterfighter is the best skill along with soldier.

    So when Sentry comes back to life the 2nd time, he doesn't get 1000 sun back right? If he used it, it's still used?

    1. Correct.
      Even though you get Sentry twice, Red attacks are still only once per game.

      Ares is a BEAST!!!!

  2. I loved Ares in Mighty Avengers. It's a little odd that The Sentry isn't neutral but heroes have enough love already and that model is downright villainous! I really want to get this but I should really finish the models I have first.

    1. Yeah, Sentry is the manipulated Void driven version.
      Maybe a Hero version could appear one day?


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