Wednesday, 2 September 2015

UK Batman Tournament Prizes and New Ruling

More goodies have arrived for the UK Batman Day Tournament. Lots of Batman minis and some Joker Rulebooks from Knight Models.

Plus the TWO Arkham Asylums shown the other day, loads of Batman themed goodies and more to come from DC.

£12.50 to take part, You could win 2 - 25 times that worth of stuff!

Knight have also made a ruling on using third party items and for model conversions.

"Good morning guys
We have made a decision about the proxies issue. We value the creativity of our community so we will allow conversions over Knight Models miniatures (the conversion has to be approximately 50% our models), markers, sewers, lampposts and objective markers handmade are also allowed.
Forbidden is any stuff from an unlicensed brand, so the markers, sewers, lamppost and objective markers of another brand are not allowed in a Knight Models official tournament. If any player attends an official Knight Models tournament with illegal proxies from another company, they will be disqualified from the tournament. Thank you very much!"

This isn't intended to stop people being create, just stop the 3rd party unlicensed products that are sold as 'made for BMG' being used at an even backed by DC.
Homemade or kitbash? Fine!
Coloured counters or drawn on bases? Not a problem!
Sets of Lamps or Counters sold but other companies for the game as cheaper alternatives? Nope!

If KM get in trouble for allowing 'rip-off' type products, we could ALL lose out on a great game.

- Hendybadger

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