Saturday, 7 March 2015

Alfred Pennyworth a.k.a Penny One - Rules

With Knight Models now shipping out the Batman Rulebook pre-orders, people are starting to get their hands on the fantastic Alfred Pennyworth.
Not only  does the model look great, the rules card has now been posted on the Arkham City Limits Facebook group.

Alfred, as you would expect, only works for a Batman crew. He's 30 Rep and $0 to hire.
Interestingly, Alfred is a Henchmen and not a Sidekick or Free Agent. This means he can be given equipment in the game and doesn't take up any of the limited Sidekick or Free Agent slots.
His stats are about average for a basic Henchmen and he isn't carrying any weapons but can still make Unarmed Attacks for Stun Damage. This may not sound too great but his Traits are what make him useful.
Informer and Veteran means he gives an extra 'Pass' activation per turn and can move 2 of his 5 Action Counters at the start of his activation.
Alfred's Special Traits are what make him extra special.
Business Agent adds $300 to the crews funding total. This means you can take Gordon and all the SWAT in a Batman crew without going over your $$$ limit.
Medic (2SC) lets Alfred remove 1 Blood or 2 Stun Damage from a model in base to base if he is not in base to base with an enemy.
With a small number of characters in a Batman crew, a way to heal Blood damage and extra Stuns is fantastic!

The Alfred Pennyworth model isn't available for retail sale and was only available with rulebook pre-orders. He will be available in other ways in the future though. Tournaments, Conventions, Offers and such so keep an eye out for him.

What do you think of Penny One?
Will be he joining a Batman crew for you?

- Hendybadger

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