Monday, 19 January 2015

Red Hood and Loki join Arrow, Swamp Thing and more for the Jan Releases

The Knight Models Marvel and DC releases have just hit. They are awesome!

First up we have the anti-hero, Red Hood (Jason Todd). The model looks fantastic and his rule can be seen below.

Red Hood is an 84 Rep Sidekick for the Batman and Organised Crime crews. He goes up against 3 other Batman sidekicks, but if you wanted short ranged killing, Jason is your guy!
The Organised Crime Affiliation is great as it lets him run a street crew from Under the Red Hood.
The down side? Jason can't work with Speedy / Arsenal so no Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Next up we have this months only Marvel release. The God of Mischief, half brother of Thor, Loki.
Loki gets his classic comic look which is stunning. He doesn't have game rules yet, but Knight Models have said there is a game in the works.

The next Batman Minis Game release is Swamp Thing. While we did see a preview a couple of days ago, KM have now added his rules card as well.
A 150 Rep Ivy Sidekick with Affinity: Batman and a massive 11 Endurance! This guy is going to see a lot of table time on both sides of the law.

The final model for Jan is CWs Arrow. The preview was up last week but here it is again as a recap.
I can't wait to get Oliver to lead my Green Arrow crew. Plus it's the same week as the show starts again!

 The Tokens this month are for the businessman of Gotham, the Penguin. The logo is great. Going to have to grab a couple of packs of these I think.

Last but not least are the Arkham City Warning Signs. These will be great for rooftop cover and LOS blocking.

Which is your favourite release this month?

What would you like to see with the new rulebook next month?

By the way, Knight Models have said that those people waiting for more Henchmen will be very happy next month.

- Hendybadger


  1. Red Hood sure is interesting, the mini itself looks very versatile and I see him easily integrated in an Infinity army.
    Definitely picking up the Swamp Thing to expand my Poison Ivy group.

  2. More minis I will be buying. :)

  3. I really like that Red Hood figure. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to start buying Knight Models DC figures...guess it's time to start selling off figures for games I don't play anymore!


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