Sunday, 21 April 2013

Salute 2013 Previews - Pulp City, Dreadball and Deadzone!

Yesterday was the huge show Salute 2013 in London and ToaTS had a roving reporter there taking pics of some awesome new goodies.
Darth Tater (above getting very excited playing the new Pulp City rules) has been a regular 'Peter Parker' and found lots of nice new minis to show off.
(click pics to view larger)

The Pulp City stand with all the new Supremes on display

Guerilla Mk2. A resculpt for Supreme Edition. Big, bad, muscly, mean and now with added DAKKA!

Nuke Mk2. Another resculpt of a classic Supreme. Bigger, and more dangerous!

Ace of Wraiths Mk2. The 3rd Supreme Edition resculpt. A much nicer pose than the original.

Wildman. Scottish beast-man and folk legend. Part of the new Heroes starter set

100 Voices. (a little blurry) The newest 'super' Villain to enter Pulp City. Covered in the souls of 100s of criminals.

Imps or Voicelings.100 Voices own Minions. Check out the 3rd one. Half scarred face, coin and a very interesting blade. Who does that belong to?

Aurelius. Evil alchemist that has turned his entire body into gold. Part of the new Villain starters.

Comte Vendredi on a Dead Guard. New voodoo Supreme for the Coven. Due out in July with the leader Papa Zombie.

The Primates of Power. Nature, Science and Mystery. Said to upgrade other ARC members from lvl2 to Leader status. Released in June with Red Bella

Slug Muldoon. Intergalactic bounty/monster hunter. Was available to purchase at the show
(If I had known he was there I would have sent Darth Tater off with some pennies)

A shot of the Pulp City demo board showing Shadow Mask and the new paint job for his Shadow Double.

Full view of the PC demo board letting people test out the new Supreme Edition rules.

Terratons for Dreadball. Due out in Season 3. Looking very nice.

A shot of the Dreadball cheerleaders coming out with the Season 2 shipments.

DEADZONE!!! The new sci-fi skirmish game from Mantic. Kickstarter coming next week.
It will include the modular plastic terrain, Enforcers and mutated monsters known as the 'Plague'. Maybe more if the Kickstarter goes well.

 A closer shot of the mutated beasts in Deadzone.

A great pic of the beasts in Deadzone from FyD Forja y Desván TV

So there we go! I think DT did a damn fine job of reporting!
Which bits do you like the most and can't wait to get your hands on?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I want all the new pc goodies :) and deadzone looks another winner from mantic!

    1. I want them all as well.
      Will be keeping a close eye on the DZ Kickstarter.

  2. Deadzone looks brilliant, usually can't stand scifi skirmish but this could be the game changer

  3. I did wonder who the kilted guy was. And the new stuff from Mantic looks interesting, more interested in the scenery than the figures, so shall see when it comes out.

    1. Can't wait to see a clear shot of Wildman.

      I wonder if that is all the scenery in the box?

  4. That's all really good looking stuff. I play, or will play, all three of these games! :)


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