Saturday, 20 April 2013

More DreadBall Season 2 Previews - MVPs, Robots and Coaches

Just a quick post today.
Mantic Games and Wayland Games have posted some more previews of the Dreadball Season 2 goodies.
Above if the full shot of the Robot team. 6 Jacks, 2 Guards and 2 Strikers.
The Robots are very different as they can each switch between the 3 positions in the middle of the game.
Want  pitch full of Strikers? Done!
Going badly and wished they were all Guards instead? No problem!
Really looking forward to trying this team out.
Anne-Marie Helder. An MVP that plays for anyone.
She is a Guard but wants to be a Striker. Which she might choose to become at the start of the game! All depends on what mood she is in.

The Z'zor get their own MVP in the form of Ludwig.
The heads of DreadBall have clipped his wings so he cant fly across the pitch but he is still able to buzz over opposition players that get in his way.

Rico van Dien is the 'face' of Dreadball. All around show boater and pretty boy, he is the star of stars!
Just wait until he faces those damn bugs!

Season 2 also brings in Coaches.
Here from left to right at the Forge Fathers, Corporations and Veer-Myn coaches. Recognise any of them?

Have any of these got you want a match?

Hendybadger awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. I want that Ver-Myn coach, if only so he gives me an excuse to paint up the Terrantek team I've got coming with Season 3 in TMNT colours....


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