Sunday, 4 December 2011

Pulp City News inc New Villain - The Shadow Mask, Monster Rules + Future Plans

Got LOADS of Pulp City news for you today straight from Morf on the Pulp City Forums

- We are lining up with the printjob for the next 4 boxes - unfortunately everybody prints season cards and calendars right now, so it will take some.

- Monster rules will see first a free online - pdf release combined with them coming back to store.

- Next focus is fleshing out the factions as mentioned earlier, so after this hefty base, we'll get around releasing Green Emperor and Terror Cotta Warrior which will give you enough options to field a Level 12 Jade Cult, and Red Bella and Primates of Power box. Then Papa Zombie box and V.H. & Blacksmith for Blood Watch.
This way you will have all the initial teams aside Forgotten done!

- December will see finally first pics of my (and Liam C's) little fantasy collector line, Reaver Lords which at some point my turn into my dream dungeon crawl board game. The miniatures are of astounding quality, slightly bigger than Pulp City to adapt to the unbelievable amount of details.

This all looks great.
The Monster rules getting a free PDF to start with is going to be alot of fun. Want to pick up one of the kits asap just for the size of it.
As an example here is a pic of the Monster (80mm base), Giant Hadron (80mm base) and Sgt Bale (32mm mini on 30mm base) from Pulp Citizens blog. Link in the blog list on the right>>>>>>

Its HUGE!!!!
And this is just one of the many builds in the kit. A selection of the parts can be seen below. (click any picture to view larger).
This kit can make either an Elder or Beast Monster. Cant decide what to make myself yet. Love all 4.

Then there are the future release plans. Lots more for the Jade Cult (Green Emperor + Terror Cotta Warriors), ARC (Red Bella + Primates of Power), Blood Watch (V.H + Blacksmith) and Coven (Papa Zombie + ?)
More on those as it is revelaed.
And you can find all the current background in the Pulp City Guide or on thier Website and Forum.

Finally for this section of news, the new range Reaver Lords will be seen for the first time very soon. If the artwork in the back of the PC Guide is anything to go by then they will be stunning!

Next up is the latest preview
The Shadow Mask

What do we know about him so far?
The Shadow Mask is a Lvl 1 Villain from the Jade Cult
In a box with Tanuki. (Not yet seen) Due out in the next wave.
The arch enemy of Chronin. You can read about them in her background HERE
All his rules have the word 'Shadow' in :)

Here are some other shots of the mini - remember, you can click any image to view larger

I really like the dynamic pose of this one. And the fact he has 3 claws on each arm makes me want him even more. Going to paint him in black and yellow. 3 guessess why. (Btw, your first 2 dont count)
Will definatly be picking up the next wave asap.
Until then I have alot of scenery to work on, Supremes to paint and might get a Monster!!!!!

Hendybadger out


  1. Not going for 'classic' 70's/80's dark brown and tan? Or even more retro yellow and blue? :)


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