Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How to base Malifaux models? And which Crew next?

In the local area we are planning to Malifaux up and running soon.
My Crew if choice is the Dreamer + Lord Chompy Bits. They were chosen partly for the name, partly for the 'Nightmare before Christams' look but mainly for the stunning minis. Especially LCB and Teddy!

But I have NO idea how to base them. I usually have set ideas for bases but this game has me stumped.

Any ideas?
What sort of base do you think a Malifaux crew would look great on?

Then theres my second question.
I like to have a couple of sets for each game so I can mix things around and keep it interesting.

Which crew would you suggest to pick up after the Dreamer?
And why?

Cheers in advance



  1. Malifaux is an awesome game! Dreamer is a crew I wanna get!
    Resserectionists are great fun, especially Seamus and his undead ho's! :)

  2. I'm just getting into Malifaux and have had great fun with Lady Justice and the Guild.

    She's a total beatstick. I'm not normally one to tent pole around 1 fig but she is ridiculously efficient and it's just great fun to let her lose on somebody's minis. The starter with the Judge and 3 DMs is pretty efficient.

  3. I like the look of the Ressers. Some very twisted stuff there.
    But 2 of my main opponents have Seamus and Lady J. Dont really want to double up at the club. Variety is much more fun

  4. I love Rasputina - I ave caused on told damage with her spell list, and I she is about to get better with Kaeris - Fire & Ice mix to bring ice pillars and fire walls for board control, suicide gamin everywhere, masses of ranged shenangians, and a brilliant new alternative model - the new Rasputina is so much more befitting

  5. Raspu sounds fun. And I LOVE her new Avatar

  6. Rasputina is pretty "cool" to play and in the fluff she is a pretty evil biatch! The December theme is quite rounded out at the moment, I will definitely be picking up her avatar aswell....she is pretty slow and kills things with her powerful spells, her minions become "arc nodes", her avatar changes her completely into more of a combat threat :) I'm contemplating getting some fire gamin to have a fire n ice theme.......

  7. Simon, that was awful. You should feel ashamed. lol


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